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The #DOLE company was founded on June 2nd, 1851, and celebrated 170 years of history last year. It begins its journey as FOOD COMPANY and 170 years later it is a FOOD COMPANY.

What change are the SIZE, SCOPE, and RANGE of operations

The company was not established in old good Europe, “new” America, or in Asia, it was established in THE KINGDOM OF HAWAI

Originally helped to streamline the food (fruits and vegetables) supply within one city, island, growing bigger and bigger, the company employ directly 36.000 employees worldwide, is listed on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE (NYSE) and its products can be found in shops and on the tables world wide.


If you look at this achievement you may ask yourself what is more valuated by the company. Is it TIME or MONEY?

The header images have been taken in the CZECH REPUBLIC, 7.584 miles or 12.205 km away from HAWAY.

The banana was planted in ECUADOR, which is 2.000 km closer to the final destination

What is the issue is that 30% of the bananas on the shelves of the Czech retail chain stores like #TESCO #AHOLD #KAUFLAND #GLOBUS and many others are already turning black through the increase of sugar inside the fruit and with every black mark it reduces the potential of being sold. This means they become waste and most probably would be burned, landfilled, or “gasified” despite the fact that not only the fruit but even its skin can be used and utilized in many ways.

The strange name of today´s article refers to the article published last week. The reason for using it is to indicate continuity, similar to the one presented by the DOLE company in the last 170 years.

The time of the cost is called SHORTAGE or SCARCITY

Shorter the time more have to be paid to afford what was once free

The membership in “17” is no exception, every two months will the fee double. Till February 28, 2022, will the price remain the same as introduced on January 1st, 2022

Starting March 1st, 2022 the prices would be as follow

In the world of logistics, I spend 30 years learning the value of time, but it was me who have to learn and introduce the time of cost.

Shorter the time for fulfillment, the higher the price.

If you order your package to be delivered in a week, you pay less than if you needed it the same afternoon. At the same time dedicated logistics services like the TNT SPECIAL EXPRESS led for a long time by DORIS VYMAZAL can fulfill almost all wishes of paying customers and even the wish to deliver an elephant from one continent to the other within a few days was not a problem, but the time of cost was very high same as the environmental impact of such a single-time operation.

At the beginning of January, all world media wrote about the traffic of empty planes not only on the European sky but worldwide. The reason was the systems of DEDICATED SLOTS applied in the air industry. TIME WINDOW SLOT which will cut your plane out of the scheduler if your plane will not keep it.

The system was introduced in heavy traffic times, and instead of, changing it to match the PANDEMIC TRAFFIC DROP, the airports so as the AIR companies, keep following the BLIND GIANT RULES.

This is the next example of the TIME OF COST

It is TIME OF WASTING and as this can be and MUST BE PREVENTED immediately and on a global scale

What is the next CORE TASK?

Take the single-use bottle that you filled with water in the first “17” core task and water the flowers.

This is how the CORE TASK MANAGEMENT works CORES are connected, but there must be a gap every time between cores related to one process or operation because if no gaps, you will be multitasking and this is not what you are trying to do

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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