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3 min readFeb 6, 2021


I have a great solution to increase the speed of the end of the global pandemic disaster.

It came to me with one tweet of the Czech finance minister, retweeted by the Prime minister

The tweet which in some way is very similar to the header image.

The finance minister cheer-up the nation with the words that she will propose the pan European financial institutions secure more money for the battle against the virus and its impact.

It is one of the thousands of similar messages delivered by politicians and members of administrations and governments worldwide.


I have a different proposal, a very opposite one


Before you start to thrown stones at me let me add one more word



Take, with immediate impact the entire salaries, bonuses, and extra payments from politicians and global “decision-makers”. Do exactly the same what is done of the worker in the factory or craftsmen does not deliver agreed results for which he or she should be paid. The money is not paid until the result is delivered.

This step will not only help to speed up the solution implementation, but it will also have a significant impact on the reduction of the number of politicians, government members, and decision-makers who will leave their functions with the words “I WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE”

but this is what they ask others

The true solution was never delivered without being inside. A few days ago I published an article named YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE INDUSTRY WITHOUT THE INDUSTRY, an article that indicates all mentioned above, because politics is just another industry. One of many.

If you ask yourself why nobody came with this idea before, it has two reasons

  • the first one is because you will not find the solution downstream, but upstream and this means you have to work hard to reach it and this is for many out of the comfort zone in which following the stream is the solution delivered by media and all as the only right one resenting the stories of the rich ones as the role models.
  • the second one is the limits implemented in HABITS and STANDARDS. It can not be done because nobody did it before. It can not be done because not in law. It can not be done because …

So many “BECAUSE” results in the stage of hibernation thanks to which for more than a year we are listening to the same again and again and again being satisfied with the lack of result or improvement.

I am not asking what will happen

I know it already

We will finally get out of the lockdown and social isolation and will get our lives and businesses back. After we do so, not only us but politicians and all who lost their income will get it back together with meaningful work they delivered together with the solution.

This is the way INDUSTRY 5.0 works, this is the way WASTELESS WORLD is being built.

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0