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It is a beautiful winter day in an industrial city in the middle of Europe. Snow is covering the streets for five days in line already which is a very unusual image in the last years.

One city of many

Many industries in one city

All respecting the rules


It is the rule.

Same window, same industry, another winter

We produce new, to through it away as soon as we don't need it.

Sooner is Better

New has to be produced

Again and Again

The drive and fuel of modern age economy

No matter if needed or not, it must be produced, stored, shifted, wasted to be produced again.

No one loves the old except for castles, cars, jewelry, wines, whiskey, tea bowls, houses, books, paintings

That is a lot

We buy now not because the old is broken, but because another NEW has been released. New phones, new computers, new shoes, new cars, new houses to give away when the new came.

It is great to have technology that reminds us, new is available

APPS and REMINDERS are there for us

To be the first is the goal, not the last one

Exchange good for better, new for older

The systems do it for the users, not asking anymore, to improve their user experience. The systems decide who will be permited, and who would be banned from the access to the virtual world.

On my way I meet more and more frequently people and companies who envision the future of factories without ever visiting one. People who decide how future work will look one without ever taking the work into their hands, if not counting the fingers on the keyboards and screens.

Well known research companies delivers results open order no matter whats the reality. I informed recently about the EUROPEAN COMMISSION INDUSTRY 5.0 related papers, I can talk about reports and polls that ends up as expcted by the one who bought them and pay the costs.

I started my career in a steel factory as one of the workers and thirty years later I have seen so many companies already that do that for they life for a very long time and growing year by year, celebrating by awarding themself the golden “globes” of the leaders.

They do not see the invisible thread of killing the industry that feed them

Resulting in the industry death and the need to search for another target.

INDUSTRY 5.0 was created inside the industry for the industry and it turn out that no matter which industry or segment, INDUSTRY 5.0 groundstone “6R” can be used to reduce the volume of wasting.

It become the part of the existing environment and start to changing it from inside out, not to kill it, but to modify it into the new harmonized environment that deliver results needed and worth the effort looking at the entire image, not just a fraction of it.

Think Once Use Twice “T1U2” is one of the rules delivered during the process of changing the indusstry from inside the industry.

Michael Rada, Human



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0