The “I” of “AI”

Michael Rada
5 min readOct 6, 2021


“ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE” is the mantra of many

AI seems to be the key to the future

In the Czech language, we use both letters for a long time, just in different order “IA” and it is the sound of DONKEY. Voice of an animal that is in Czech fairytales pictured as stupid.

If we look at these two words we see that only one can be confirmed as true or reality “ARTIFICIAL”. This is because it was not created by nature, but by the humans and machines that he developed to communicate with other humans and do it faster.

INTELLIGENCE on the contrary is

at least this is how INTELLIGENCE is defined by WIKIPEDIA which for some reason separate HUMAN INTELLIGENCE in another article.

Human intelligence is the intellectual capability of humans, which is marked by complex cognitive feats and high levels of motivation and self-awareness.[1] High intelligence is associated with better outcomes in life”

The first article seems to be already modified by the AI to prove it has its own fixed and stable position on the market and in the mind of people.

In the eight years of construction of the WASTELESS WORLD, I have implemented to the language of people firstly the name “INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING” and later “INDUSTRY 5.0” which is based on the principles of INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING. It is very interesting to look back what was the perception of both

  • 2013 nobody knows what I am talking about when speaking about INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING
  • 2014 those who try INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING start to use the word
  • 2015 many started to copy the INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING using for the same different name (most of them failed, by not respecting the principles)
  • 2015–12–01 INDUSTRY 5.0 was introduced and wake up a great response
  • 2016 first start to use the name so as some of my own words and turn it to the buzzword and sales tool for their own one-handed robots, cobots
  • 2017 the public was confused, mostly ignore the name concentrate on INDUSTRY 4.0 instead
  • 2018 the COLLINS ENGLISH DICTIONARY named “SINGLE-USE” word of the year and the European Commission started to notice INDUSTRY 5.0
  • 2019 the OXFORD VOCABULARY named “UPCYCLING” the word of the year
  • 2020 INDUSTRY 5.0 introduce “RECONNET” first post-pandemic recovery tool and INDUSTRY 5.0 started on August 21, 2020, in INDIA so as the first INDUSTRY 5.0 Ambassador was assigned there. Already in September first companies started to use the name. INDUSTRY 5.0 is named one of the TOP TEN INDUSTRIAL TRENDS OF NEXT DECADE.
  • 2021 INDUSTRY 5.0 name is used by many to promote their own services or products

Summarizing the perception of people and businesses from 2013–2021 we will get the following image


For the first 7 years, AI remain silent despite the fact that thousands of articles have been published by me, presentations were done and videos streamed. The AI seems to ignore the INDUSTRY 5.0 and it seems to be UNNOTICED same as the experts of CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

The change happened in the eight years when everyone claims it was him or her who thought about INDUSTRY 5.0 for a decade claiming that “XX has been taking about 5ire for a decade now, has articles and ted talks all over” The only missing part is the proof of that action.

The biggest boom in using the name started after my delivery of the final word related to INDUSTRY 5.0 on the 1st DRA CONFERENCE in India on August 21, 2021. It become the most discussed topic of the two days conference resonating not only in more than 1,5M views on the related posts but in first articles in which others use the name.

This boom does not end and it is resonating more and more every single day continuously adding more and more people, businesses, studies, white papers, articles in which the name INDUSTRY 5.0 appears.

Papers and documents which claims that

  • INDUSTRY 5.0 is the next industrial revolution but IT IS NOT
  • INDUSTRY 5.0 is the new name for industrial IoT but IT IS NOT
  • INDUSTRY 5.0 is the name for 5th generation blockchain but IT IS NOT

Same as the word ROBOT originated in nonindustrial head of a writer in the country in the middle of Europe, originated the content of the word INDUSTRY 5.0 in some country in my own head, representing not the fifth industrial revolution, but the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) and this can not be changed by claiming others, just because it fits better the image of those who do not contribute to its existence, but want just make money on it. Make a name on a word that becomes IDOL and ROLE MODEL thanks to everyday hard work recorded among others in the diary of INDUSTRY 5.0 development named THE WASTELESS WORLD STORY available online and updated weekly. It is the story of my own life and I will not let anyone “erase” it only because of their own profit.

The life of someone may be ended, but if he or she delivered results, which are not hidden in a bank vault, the results remain and with the death usually does resonate much stronger, than during his or her life.

I am sure the AI is smarter than I am. I am sure it can solve math, physics, and other exact science with much higher precision, but I know it can not take a piece of wood and turn it in a spaceship as every child can do,

So do I turn the world from WASTEFUL to WASTELESS and do it with the passion of a child but knowledge of an old man. The passion of a man who does not feel like fifty, who rides the electric unicycle every single day keeping his mind and soul young and strong.

The WASTELESS WORLD is not a dream, it is my AIM, and because I woke up more than a decade ago I know it will be reached.

I would be happy if the AI will help and become a tool, same as the Time, Sun, Moon, same as the HANDS of HUMAN, EYES, EARS, MOUTH and all everyone has. Let us work together, not fight the battle which no one will win.

Have a nice day free of waste and waste in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. One day after submitting my draft to the publication system, to be published in 14 days time following article was published by BBC NEWS



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