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On January 7th, 2021 I was invited through the LINKEDIN post to register for one of the first sustainability events of 2021, organized by the UNITED NATIONS BIODIVERSITY “branch.

When visited I was delivered only the registration form and nothing more. Despite the fact, it is only one month away, no program, no information, no speakers, nothing. Just collecting data.

The only information published was referring to PARIS and the French President and his sustainability approach in connection to PARIS AGREEMENT.

It looks like KYOTO is being copied

Kyoto is the city of wrong decisions related to the global environment resulting in faster changes in climate.

Once again I have to say that the CARBON EMISSION TRADING counts to biggest crimes against the planet, nature, and humanity because it just legalizes EVIL and started the three decades of indulgencies.

Paris seems to follow the same example led once again by the same organization that is behind KYOTO, the UNITED NATIONS

In the six years of writing the WASTLESS WORLD STORY, I have used the name of UNITED NATIONS in the name of the chapter three times

I have contacted UN employees many times, reflected on the posts, participated in events (virtually) and once remains the same.


THE APPROVED BUDGET OF united nations FOR 2021 is


The question is not how much money is going to be spent, but what results would be delivered.

I summarized some missing goals in previous articles, so it has no sense to repeat it again, but let us see the existence from a different perspective.

There are working 37.000 employees in 193 countries for the “largest universal multilateral international organization” as the UN describes itself.

There is one misunderstanding already delivered by the UN HR officers.

The mistake is in one of the first sentences which says THE UN IS DELIVERING CHANGE and this is not true.

UNITED NATIONS is delivering change, but talk about change

It is existing because its own existence is profitable for all who are making the organization and I do not speak only about the employees, but consultants, counselors, and many others.

UNITED NATIONS is a political organization

It is dependent on the other people's money, the governments pay regularly, and please understand, the budget does not represent all money that flows through the UN, it is just a part.

The senior management members do have safe jobs with salaries that are attractive. Free traveling to events and conferences is just part of the bonuses that are being available.

Please do not understand me wrong. I do not say a global organization like UN can not be helpful, I just say that if the core business of the organization is its own existence and no measurable targets are applied and control (don´t mean speaning of the money) the existence of many well-paid jobs become a habit.

No matter if we speak about the pandemic or sustainability it seems to me that the result is understood in a big volume of papers and promotional videos and conferences, and meetings and setting up goals and so on.

The UNITED NATIONS ACADEMIC IMPACT part of a multi-billion organization has published in 5 years 83 videos with average views bellow 200. This should be an impact on the multi-billion worth organization?

So what's next. SDG GOALS?

Millions have been spent to promote the existence of SDG GOALS since its introduction back in 2015. Almost all companies have heard about it. Many have integrated the logo and list of goals into their own annual report, statements, and marketing strategy.

Thousand of new non-profits, NGOs, organizations, counselors, advisors, and others become overnight SDG GOALS experts.

That's all.

Not the delivered results, but implemented goals are rated as FULFILLED

The companies and corporations look different with a new colorful logo placed next to their own, but they act the same as before, nothing changed.

Today in the morning I was sent by one of my partners the information that companies VEOLIA and SUEZ joined in the action

In the document posted both companies forgot to say that it was and still it is them who turn our planet into the global landfill because of profit that is being generated by wasting and waste, being fueled by the third most profitable industry in the world THE WASTE INDUSTRY.

Two companies that never say to clients or end-users WASTE LESS no matter if speaking about products or water, which “VEOLIA PRODUCES FOR CONSUMERS”. These are the words of the Czech VEOLIA senior manager. He started with them his speech at one of the conferences in the country a few years ago.

PARIS is a beautiful city, same as KYOTO it is a shame to be associated with lies about a better future.

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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