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5 min readJan 12, 2021

This image was delivered to me in December 2020. Don´t worry it does not represent the EARTH, but PLUTO and it is the best and most detailed image ever delivered.

During my work and journey, I have learned that not the words, but the meaning and understanding of the words are what makes people trouble. Frequently vocabulary needed not only between foreigners but between people speaking the same language.

It is not the only issue. The second is the dependency on blind trust in technology which is very dangerous same as the addiction to the technology itself. I have the opportunity to feel it just shortly before Christmas when on the same day when my post named WE ARE NOT LIVING IN DIGITAL WORLD my LINKEDIN account was erased and for 18 hours it was not existing, it was in a stage of clinical death.

It was restored after but the only comment I got was a single line apology with no further details.

Our recovery must avoid the mistakes of the past

Mistakes caused by a blind belief in the promises delivered by politicians, decision-makers, and world leaders. Mistakes delivered by those who get rich by supporting and covering the mistakes and promoting them as the best of the best solution for a better and sustainable future.


This is the very different direction many decision-makers follow and indicate as the best solution.

INDUSTRY 5.0 was named in early 2020 THE POST-PANDEMIC RECOVERY TOOL but it is much more

It is the tool of long term continuous development through evolution. Not just a few, but all have to benefit from the changes and Money but Human is to be recognized to be the right treasure.

To recover we have to wake-up first but the next is not another long sleep but awaking and acting, delivering small to deliver big. One step after another has to be made on our journey to wasteless world and if one man can stop one million tons of products to become waste can you imagine how much can billions do?

If you look at the first chapters of THE WASTELESS WORLD STORY you will realize that from the very beginning “DOING” was important same as TRANSPARENCY, PROFIT SHARING, and EFFICIENCY. These three have to be part of every project and every action we realize because they already represent the change to the old habits.

In the morning I have a discussion with two Experts on LINKEDIN on two very different topics. The first one was the NEW SUSTAINABILITY PLAN WITH SEVEN CATEGORIES, the second related to POWER INDUSTRY AND THE IMPORTANCE OF COAL.

In my comments to both posts, I pointed out that the authors did not consider that WASTE PREVENTION and the systematic use of the OTGM would be one of the solutions.

The first author of the plan replied to my comment saying PREVENTION is included and sent me the full document. Unfortunately, he did not check that really not a single time waste prevention is being named.

The second gets angry because instead of nodding my head I told him that BALANCE between power sources must be established instead of pushing for one and only solution.

The LEADERSHIP is not represented by financial or economical value, but by the personal value of every single member of the society and community.

The true leaders can not be found on the FORBES or FORTUNE LADDERS, you will not find the on COP meetups, not in PARIS, KYOTO, WASHINGTON DC., or BRUSSEL. YOu find them only on GEMBA, on Factory grounds, in the back offices, behind cashier desks, and next to cookers, behind the driving wheels of heavy machinery. You meet them every single day, just you do not see them or you do not recognize the leadership hidden inside. NO matter if young or old, man or woman, black or white, none of these criteria tells anything about the soul and heart, because all hearts are red so as the blood of all human beings.

To recover we should switch off the stream of promises and open the window if we would like to know how is the weather. We don't need a smartwatch to tell us when to wake up and then go to sleep. We do not need IoT to tell if I should switch the light on or off or the music. We don´t need the internet to answer the question which we have been asked.



We are human beings, not sculptures, machines, digital avatars, or social media shadows, we are alive so as billions around us and it is us who would like to live in an environment where face masks, goggles, gloves not needed, but LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and HUG instead.


and everyone has the possibility and right to be a part of it and tell those who came proudly IT WAS ME WHO BUILD THE WASTELESS WORLD


Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0