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From the very first day of the year 2021, I am publishing every single day, including weekends one image and message related to the mindset change.

the reason for doing so is the co-creation of the INDUSTRY 5.0 library that is currently being developed by one of the INDUSTRY 5.0 Ambassadors. Second is giving my amateur images a professional view

You may ask why not only one is being presented, the answer is simple. It is better to deliver a message twice than just a single time and it does not need to shame if something not perfect because even the unperfect items or things or thoughts do change the world, it seems like it is only the MAN who says only perfect can leave the factory.

Almost every single company and especially factory or producing facility have a department called QUALITY CONTROL or “QC”. It is the watchdog for all differences to the standard. What happened if spotted can be learned from the keynote above.

It is usual that if a QC member spots an issue he or she stops the production process, at the same time he or she requests all pieces from the last QC CHECK to be controlled. It can be few units or few million pieces, depends on the type of production. In the meantime, the produced parts are rated as TEMPORARY NG and put “behind bars”

For many lifelong sentences

According to decades of investigation up to 95% turns to waste

DOn´t think we speak only about the fail of man, machine can do the same with just one small difference, it produced at the same time much bigger quantity of NG pieces.

If a human worker spot an issue, he or she can correct immediately (if knowing how to do so) If a machine, it has to be reprogrammed, repositioned, modified by a human

I took this image just five minutes ago, just before the darknesss entered the room and yountryside. If I will wait for better moment I will not be able to share this beautiful image with you.

I changed my routine and took the image, I did not wait

More than one year ago I have published and article named From patient to PATIENT and I am happy many understand the message

If we want the change we must stop wating for it to happen, we have to be the change, because many who say they will deliver, just stay aside waiting as long as possible to geerate more of the fortune that came with and due to the absence of the change.

See you on your way and please CHANGE TODAY

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0