From patient to PATIENT

Michael Rada
2 min readFeb 3, 2020

In one of my latest posts, I touched the fact that even one month is gone, there is no update in the EARTHSHOT PRIZE. One of the valuable members of my network post a comment recommending me to be patient and this was the impulse for this post.

The reason is that I realize that “to be patient” is maybe one of the reasons, why the Earth with all the life heading towards the wrong direction turning into the global landfill, from blue marble to black and shady ball of mud.

I have heard many times I should be patient

I decided not to but become a marathon runner instead, carrying my projects for years and decades. I do not wait until somebody or something fill the gap or deliver the result I am creating the result by trying myself

so many times the result was not as expected

so many times I failed

and learned from failure and tried again and again and again

until I succeed

and I share with others to help them to deliver their results sooner than me.

I recognized that “to be patient” helped us to deliver THE PATIENT

From a healthy environment, we turned into a place with poison in the water, air, soil, microplastics inside the bodies of living creatures including us, and consiety (consumable society) which push for more to throw out more.

Being patient drive us to be PATIENT

My replay to the comment was short and straight


Being patient for so many years I turned to be a marathon runner, running projects for years and decades, until the final aim is delivered which is for me a sign to run to next one and the next. I am not running on one route only I do run simultaneously so many I can carry on, which is important for everything is connected and I have only one life to live.

I am not waiting, I am acting, and it is everyone's decision whether she or he will be patient to be PATIENT, or decides to PREVENT WASTE HAPPEN

Special thanks to IHAB SEIDY who place his comment under my post, delivering me the next piece of the puzzle.



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