Michael Rada
3 min readOct 30, 2020

When I realized in 2010 there is something wrong with the industries, I try to integrate my knowledge withing the environment of the second-largest corporations of Japan, I was working for. It was too innovative, to be accepted so I left the company three years later and start my own business. I did it at 42 years of age after 23 years of business experience.

I did not call my business startup, I was just an entrepreneur.

One year and a growing number of projects later, I have created my own company and did it, once again with a clear image of a sustainable company. Sustainable in all aspects including the financial ones.

At that time I was advised by advisors and partners to set up NGO, NON-PROFIT, or to act as a START-UP which I refused because none of the advised forms fits in the image of sustainability.

Since 2013 (2014) the STARTUP and NON-PROFIT businesses boost up and on my way I was meeting many, being promoted by media, not because of the results, but money or plans loudly proclaimed on TEDx and many other conferences. Receiving funding and investors' money, the start-up's community grow, so did the financial sector around, setting up start-up courses, conferences, universities

With the growing number of start-ups grow the number of crowd-funding projects so as the number of companies that realize, that using other people's money is better, that to use their own. In 2019 first well-established companies launched the first crowd-funded project collecting millions of dollars for the product already funded and produced. The only needed part was a good video and story.

Hackathons lure many on both sites. The ones supported by organizers find out it is one of the cheapest ways to get to new fresh ideas, without the need of paying money for their own heads. The other ones taking part in a naive image the years of work would be finally paid off. Hackathons have only two winners and none of them is the announced winner.

It seems to me 99% of start-ups come and go, without leaving more than a headline on social media. The majority concentrate the work on digital and virtual, not considering the physical world to be worth action.

I have a problem with that. I am living in the physical world. My legs are walking or riding on a planet called EARTH and my hands are touching the surface of things. If I don´t get paid for the work I do, I have nothing to eat and if I can not afford to buy tea, I have to drink just hot water


for seven years I walk my way building a wasteless world instead of speaking about, preventing over one million tons of products and material to become waste, reaching up to 129 countries already I see the world has changed everywhere I came to and realize a project.

It seems like START-UPS presents one form of effort digitalization, digitalization of work, digitalization of success, digitalization of NEW WORD


The world in which fortune is data, and happiness more data. The world in which speed of travel would be equal to connection speed. The world in which children meet parents in virtual chats and memories of the time spent together is recorded into the global cloud memory of digital beings.

I don't think this world is the WORLD I would like to live in and leave for others to come to live in. My world is not perfect, in fact, un perfection makes it so unique. Instead of uniforms, UNICORNS. Instead of clouds, CLOUDS

Not perfect, but unique every single moment.

No start-ups will not build the new world. Hands of people will do, which let me ask a question at the end




Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0