Michael Rada
5 min readNov 12, 2021

ELON MUSK knows the same as me that the UNITED NATIONS are not able to solve, end, or eliminate the WORLD HUNGER contrary to INDUSTRY 5.0.

If the UNITED NATIONS will claim differently it will open a precedent that will strongly influence the existence of the UNITED NATIONS in the form in which it exists since 1945.

COP 26 is one of the examples of the fail, very expensive fail thanks to which the human global population wasted 25 years already by not implementing real, but just virtual and no binding countermeasures.

INDUSTRY 5.0 on the contrary delivers results that can be touched from the very first day of its existence and it does two years before already when the systematic waste prevention principles on which INDUSTRY 5.0 is built has been implemented in a real business environment.

The solution to ending global hunger is not in growing more “food” but in PREVENTING ALL FOOD WASTE (so as other waste types) TO HAPPEN

ELON MUSK is without exactly four days SIX MONTHS OLDER than me.

Living on a different continent, he spends his childhood playing outside with friends without hiding behind the face mask or locked doors. He was swimming in lakes and rivers without the need to avoid the collision with trash, including plastics. He does not like school but likes knowledge and books. He remembers the times when waste containers and bins have only one color and never be full, over floating with more trash.

We never met, but both of us live with aim.

He started to collect money and fortune long before I decided to step out of the employment contracts and become an entrepreneur who is able to define his way and steps to go.

MY AIM IS TO BUILD WASTELESS WORLD and I created and launched INDUSTRY 5.0 to be THE FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) to be the means to create this world and it works.

ELON MUSK sold small share of his stock. During writting this article I have learned that WARREN BUFFETT start to seling his or turning virtual money into physical ones.

What they will do with the money?

Waiting for the best moment to turn it into more money?


Preparing to be the first ones who will take the fortune with them after passing away?

Not sure, the second version was tried by many incliding the PHARAOS of OLD EGYPT, but it looks like it does not work. The places of eternal life turned into the tourists attraction.

In 2018 I submited and article named ”ALREADY RICH? TIME FOR MEANINGFUL WORK


And I watched who will pay attention.

Nobody does, because probably lot of money was not enough at that time.

Warren Buffett is seven years younger than my own GradDad who is sitting next room, reading next book, before he starts with next 10 riddles. He is nor rich a never was if we take money as criteria for defining wealth. If we take MEANINGFULNESS, it may look different, because he was teacher, teaching for 60 years of his life others giving them the love to education, languages, other people and nature.

Thousands of students remember the face, words, and kind approach to every single person, never being rude or angry.

Would the same memories have all the DOLLARs, EURs, YEN, POUNDS that goes through WARREN BUFFETT account? Or does money have no memory?

Some may claim that crypto have a memory thanks to blockchain technology. Does it? Let it express the feelings and share it with me.

ELON MUSK say he pay very specific amount of money to solve world hunger. The UN officers first response was NOT ENOUGH, but thats not true. We are speaking here about USD and this will not only help to solve the global hunger but much more.

It will solve it through the system, which funtionality was proved by 8 years of implementation in real business environments of businesses, companies and corporations.


The change will begun with first who changed.

I did and created INDUSTRY 5.0 will ELON MUSK be first who starts the end of wasting money on promises that should never become reality, just easy catch of INVESTORS who believe in good intention and ideas born in bathtubes

that spent millions delivering less impact in eight years than a single factory in one shift

I wrote to Elon, described to him how the WORLD HUNGER would be solved by implementing INDUSTRY 5.0 principles and even posted the INDUSTRY 5.0 TRANSPARENT ACCOUNT NUMBER to make the transfer easier.

He never replied, but I believe that he stay for his word and let INDUSTRY 5.0 utilize his money to deliver results that ends up the world hunger.

You can join


Thank you for your help and contribution and let us meet tomorrow on the construction site of wasteless world

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0