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4 min readJan 18, 2021


For almost a decade I am asking myself why the solution in the application of the systematic waste prevention nobody saw before me. For a long time I struggle about it, but in recent turbulent months the answer was closer and closer until it reveals and was the reason for writing this article today

Why did nobody see the obvious?

Why so much money invested in projects that did not deliver any results?

The reason is visible, but why nobody counts on the fact it can be in front of our own eyes every single day, so present and permanent that we stop noticing it and the state of matters become standard of our life.

In projects which I realize, I call it PROFESIONAL BLINDNESS. It is a “feature” which everyone faces doing for six months or longer every day the same. On the production line, the professional blindness can appear after just half an hour of repeating work.

This is how our sub-concession works and if connected to the intention to have more and to be more profitable, it builds up an iron curtain which aim is one, to keep the current state forever.

SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION was not developed with the intention to make more money on the old system. It was developed to make WASTELESS WORLD and especially this non-financial aim makes the difference.

This does not mean, there is no money and profit. On the contrary. There is more money than anyone expected. in early 2019 we estimated the amount to 475. USD a year and this is for sure not the final number. This is the amount of global savings, which instead of being saved, are being wasted with the intention to need and make more money. Not for all, but for a few instead.

In 2020 throughout the international news sound the information about THE GLOBAL PLEDGE in which billionaires give money to others

Not ordinary people, not millionaires, only billionaires


People like Jeff Bezos, Bill and Melinda Gates, Jack Ma, or MacKenzie Scott promised to spend billions sharing it through their own foundations. Many becoming richer and richer instead of having less.

Same as Greta, who every Friday, call for strike not realizing that strike for strike generates just strike instead of change.

More and more people keep asking me, how did I come to the idea that the change can be so obvious.

I woke-up

I broke my own professional blindness and realize many facts are just habits that helped few but damaged many. When I delivered the first result I have learned that these facts can become false and obsolete as soon as you look at them from a different perspective and angle.

A very important condition was for me the fact that I was able not just speak about the results or to look at excel charts and PowerPoint slides, but I was able to touch it with my own hands and let others do the same.

THE TOUCH delivered the change

And it keeps delivering change every single time, every single project, every single moment when we touch it.

The reason why nobody came on the solution as simple as just preventing waste happens before is that the people who propose solutions, calling themself visionaries, presidents, excellencies, scientists are sitting in air-conditioned offices and clean spaces and instead of solutions deliver words, and more words frequently connected to untouchable results. 1,5°C and CO2 Emissions are just two of many examples. Many understanding well that the SOLUTION will end up their long-life well-paid jobs and this is not the expectation and reward. Instead of delivering immediately applicable steps and processes the promises for 2030, 2050, and even 2100 are set to the world because at the time of fulfillment the speakers would not be taken into account for being responsible for WASTING SO MUCH TIME.

I started my journey because somebody asked me.

I do not deliver results that someone asked me to deliver

I do not follow standard habits and do no ask for funding before delivering the result. I don't need 17 goals, but I have one and only aim


Every single day I see more and more and thanks to the ability to share I am happy it is not only me who SEE and SHARE.

We will not wait for the orders of the WORLD LEADERS but start to build the future by our hands ourselves on all continents, in all countries, in every single city, every village, in every home. It is us, the 7.7 billion people, worldwide who deliver the change, not politicians, not 2% richest of the world, not WEF, not UN, not EU COMMISSION. Not the men and women at the power who do pretend the change and deliver empty promises.

We write our books for others to come

Have a nice day free of waste and waste in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0