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5 min readFeb 27, 2020

When I have learned in the middle of February 2020 about the launch of a new 1M USD price for projects related to the change of the food industry, I decided to take part.

For the first time in seven years, I have not nominated in a challenge somebody else, to support his, her or their work, but decided to nominate the work of my own and there is a reason.

The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Price speaks to Global changers and projects which aim to change the world, not to people who change the local environment or speak about the need of changes to be delivered by others.

From the very beginning, I set for my journey one and only aim, which is to build wasteless world because I realized that all of us, we have only one home

This is why during the journey we have introduced many tools and images which not only rise up awareness of this fact but help to deliver the change.

Systematic waste prevention in the form of INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING was and still, it is the only tool developed and applied to industries, organizations and it turned out that it can be successfully applied to cities, regions, and countries at the same time.

From the very beginning, it was build up as a scalable tool which is not limited to or by the segment, material or size, but as a system that delivers results even without the need for capital upfront investment.

INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING becomes the ground stone and fundament of INDUSTRY 5.0 which is not as some misunderstood the fifth industrial revolution, but it is and it will be the first INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION ever lead by man (HUMAN) and I am happy to be the first one to lead it.

Before sending my application I have checked the background of the man whose name is associated with the FOOD PLANET PRIZE, Mr. Curt Bergfors. I have never heard his name before and I was impressed. His story minds me so much on my own with one difference. He was able to transfer his idea and will in a fortune after the decades of hard work, starting with the changes long before everyone was speaking about. Same as me. The difference is that he needs and have decades to do, I do not have so much time, because he was one of very few who try not to damage the environment for money only but behave in line with nature and needs.

Seven years ago, I was many times told WASTE CAN NEVER BE PREVENTED

Today more than 675.000 Metric tons or 675.000.000 kg of products and materials did not become waste thanks to the work of mines, my clients, my partners and many who joined me on the construction site of the wasteless world.

I would be happy to meet Curt Bergfors, he is the same age as my own mother, 7 years younger than my own Father and 27 years younger than my own Grandfather and I feel we will have a lot to talk about but to do and realize.

For the first seven years of the WASTELESS WORLD JOURNEY, I put all my money into the project development. It results in loss of family and days without money to be spent on food, and I have learned that change of eating habits is possible, reducing the negative impact of my own style of life on the environment.

Already five years after starting my journey and construction of the wasteless world, the first signs of market response have been visible including the result naming SINGLE-USE the word of the year 2018.

Next year UPCYCLING becomes the word of the year 2019 and I do believe INDUSTRY 5.0 and WASTE PREVENTION become the words of 2020.

On my journey, I firstly do, deliver results and speak about later. I share, educate, teach and lead, by being first to take my boiler suit on together with safety shoes and gloves and DO IT to deliver the example, not once in a show but again and again, changing just the location and material, not the direction.

The Black dot on the challenge size reminds me at the first book I wrote almost 30 years ago, it is named THE BLACK SUN

and it starts with the following text

75% of world crops never reach the second stage of processing or consumption comparing to 2% of the leftover on the plates. Both become waste and it is wasted due to many reasons.

INDUSTRY 5.0 represents the solution applicable immediately and everywhere and by everyone, SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION.

If we stop waste happens, we will benefit from a 75% increase in available food, which can not only feed all who are hungry but in fact lead in the possibility to reduce the overproduction, and decrease the exploitation of the natural resources.

There is a lot to change and benefit from

The financial support offered by the Curt Bergfors FOOD PLANET PRIZE would help to spread the tools globally to harvest the results immediately without the need to wait 15 or 30 years as the politicians and world leaders ask.

It is your turn and if you decided my work is worth the nomination, nominate me, here is the data you need to input, but the REASON must come from your own heart.

Thank you very much for your time and support. The nomination ends on April 30th, 2020.

No matter how you decide, I wish you, your company and all you love time free of waste and wasting in all its forms

Michael Rada



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0