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5 min readSep 27, 2023

In the school, during the entire education system we are being informed about the existence of different ages in the history of the planet and one of the most significant ones that left footprints for millions of years was the ICE AGE.

Many scientists and academics consider the ICE AGE to be the most significant one in the history of the planet as in HUMAN history which is much shorter, but none of them is observing that he or she is living in another AGE, AGE that leaves footprints much significant and deeper and in a much bigger scale and shorter time than the planet witnessed before. For more than a decade I have called it


Age in which instead of valuing HUMAN work, we waste it, waste lives, waste time, waste money, waste resources, all in favor of personal profit of a few.

Today decided my daughter to scrap one of her unfinished paintings to start from scratch and make a new, better one, that will fit her better

It was a very special one because it was created in 3D using a method, she never used before. It was interesting to watch the old layers be peeled off piece by piece

The same day I received a link to a video that may deliver part of the answer on WHO and WHEN started the WASTE AGE on a GLOBAL SCALE

Unfortunately the only man with courage, the Founder of APPLE, already left forever, and the second one hides in his mansion, not interacting with the audience.

The rest is just SILENT. not knowing what to say

The WASTE AGE was started by GIANTS

It was the only moment when they all sat at the same table discussing HOW TO GET MORE PROFIT doing and delivering less value. I am not sure who chair the table, but someone probably did come up with an idea that no one can resist.


It was adopted fast, almost painless, because it was sold as the only solution. Banks and financial institutions adopted it immediately because if money is wasted more money will be needed, The same political system and even the labor market benefit from it because if manpower wasted manpower would be needed and jobs of those who provide and secure the manpower would be needed.

In the WASTE AGE, the WASTE becomes the source of unlimited income for few and the scarcity generated squares the profitability for those who let others waste for their own profit

The WASTE AGE was started by people who understood before others did, the true value of MORE, which results in more WASTE, and this results in addiction of consumers.

Today it seems like we have started to understand the issue connected to physical waste and we simultaneously increase the wasting of our own lives by pretending virtual to be real. Glorifying AI we believe to be the SAVOUR no seeing the ax behind the back

On September 18, 2023, just a few months after organizing the first PRESS CONFERENCE of HUMANOID ROBOTS the UNITED NATIONS supported by ITU, the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, and its SPINOFFS organized in Switzerland AI FOR GOOD conference in which the glorification of AI will continue. It is hard to believe but as part of the event INDUSTRY 5.0 will be presented on stage by academicians, that despite following for 2 years the development of INDUSTRY 5.0 never applied to the possibility of joining the INDUSTRY 5.0 ecosystem.

Why do I mention it?

It is not a coincidence that this will happen in the same country, SWITZERLAND, where in 2011 and later in 2017 the BASEL CONVENTION was created and signed

That promised to end waste by supporting WASTE PREVENTION

You hear right one year after I started and realized the OWWP project, the first in the world was able to systematically utilize the One-Way-Wooden-Packaging promised by the UNITED NATIONS to take care of WASTE PREVENTION and this was the moment when the second stage WASTE AGE started to damage the planet in such a scale that was here never before

It was started by the same organization that in 1992 (later in 1997ú started the biggest crime in human history, CARBON EMISSION TRADING, which is being sold as ECOLOGY PROTECTION has one and only aim to be ECONOMIC PROTECTION OF THE WEALTH OF a FEW

Because it works, the next scam was prepared by the same people


It took me almost a month to finish this article (usually it took 10–30 minutes) but I think the time gap was necessary because global development serves me the tools and the evidence so urgently needed

It is time to end the WASTE AGE and it is easier than you think. Just do not waste and help others to prevent waste from happening

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0