Michael Rada
4 min readJul 26, 2021

In early 2020 the world “suddenly” stopped to breathe and move. COVID-19 pandemic collected the first thousand deaths and lockdown instead of unity stopped one country and industry after another.

Slowing down and stop show up the blue of the sky and rivers get back their beautiful face. As soon as this happens put the man, because of the new order a face mask on his or her face to stop the fresh and clean air to fill the lungs used to the smog and poison delivered for decades.

Many consider just short-term influence, the others knew the old way will never come back again the same.

For almost two years COVID-19 directly or indirectly influence the world economy, making the rich richer and the poor poorer in a size known only from the war of man.

The COVID-19 PANDEMIC shows the weakness of governments and decision-makers and society and industries start to look for a new way.

for several years ignored INDUSTRY 5.0 become in the eyes of many the trend of the next decade or century and the name resonates worldwide having the flag of sustainable future.

In that times, when new factories do not let me come and made on-site work, in the times when bread becomes more valuable than lunch in a restaurant, I have started to grow up the network of people that would like to build the wasteless world together with me and call them INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS.

These men and woman of the world represents INDUSTRY 5.0 PRINCIPLES and share the MINDSET in their countries, becoming gates to INDUSTRY 5.0. One by one the network grow having 55 members in just 5 month time, giving the local access to 60% of the global human population.

My ambassadors represent a family, we all share the same mindset and follow the same rules stated in one and single document.

Not the never-ending law books and regulations, but one page and ten lines define the way we act.

One by one the network grows.

  • Decentralized, but with one heart
  • Disorganized but with one direction
  • Permanently changing where others look for the same to be repeated again and again and again to sell more of the same

INDUSTRY 5.0 is the first industrial EVOLUTION which many experts prognosis short life and no impact. The same experts use the name today to promote their own work, which they have never done.

Big names take what's free and turn it into the sales tool and buzzword to promote their own work in a way of selling it and generating their own profit without a single consideration for sharing the profit with those who work hard to deliver the result.

For years companies naming them BIGGEST ones just collect, without giving back, in 2021 comes tth time to give back, not only in the white papers and annual reports, but in reality.

I have itroduced the methodology of systematic waste prevention in 2013, implement it for two years before it become the groundstone for INDUSTRY 5.0. Never in the two years I was delivering promises knowing which I will never be able to fulfil. This will not change.

After eight years on the construction site of the wasteless world I was asked by my daughter WHY I DO NOT HIRE SOMEONE ELSE TO LOAD THE TRUCK?

I can, but I do not want. Being almost fifty does not mean I can not work with my hands, having more and more work and generating profit is not the excuse to leave the work I love.

All my life I deliver results. For 23 years I was doing that in the name of my employer and I don´t care if it was just a local company or large international corporation but the rest of my life I found the meaningful life in constructiong wasteless world with my own hands and report about the results later.

Today in the morning I was participating on UNEP online conference as a guest. Four hours of kynotes and not a single question. This is not the way I use, for every question deliver the possibility to become better.

COVID-19 stopped many

and ig gives WARP speed to INDUSTRY 5.0 development.

From one to 55 members in 4 month time and it is growing.

Please do your best and be aware of the fact that only delivered results, change the real world and future.

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0