Michael Rada
3 min readOct 25, 2021

The header image was delivered to me together with the article during my regular control of the INDUSTRY 5.0 DEVELOPMENT.

Its author is a professional writer but knows nothing about INDUSTRY 5.0 and this seems to me to be a problem, especially if he claims to deliver “EVERYTHING ABOUT INDUSTRY 5.0”

After reading the text I try to contact the author, so as wrote to the publisher, but no reply or response.

The article reminds me of one WOODY ALLEN MOVIE

but there is one difference. WOODY ALLEN does not fear to show his face and play the role (and not only one) in a movie he directed.

I would like to use the opportunity and analyze the header image to explain what was understood wrong

  1. The AI or robots will not choose the shape of HUMAN to do its work and tasks. The reason is simple, the shape and “construction” of HUMAN seems to be one of the worst designs in nature, causing too many limitations.
  2. The AI or ROBOTS will not use Headsets and Monitors to communicate and see, because they can connect directly to the source and become one of the network peripheries
  3. The AI or ROBOTS will not use keyboards to input data. They will not need fingers to do this slow work
  4. The AI and ROBOTS do not need the lighting or windows delivering the daily light to the workplace, so why should they waste energy that can be used for other, more valuable tasks.

It seems that the author not only misses all lectures related to INDUSTRY 5.0, but he probably misses the ones for ROBOTICS and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE as well.

I do not blame him, he is paid for a delivered article which looks interesting, nobody asks to be true, because the truth is sometimes boring.

The wrong part is the absence of complexity and understanding of it.

Just a minute before I started this line, I have received information that the next weekly INDUSTRY 5.0 POLL just finished and here is the result

The reason for showing you the result is simple.

81% of the people prefer if the next head of the state is HUMAN

They selected this answer in a time of unprecedented digitalization which is far deeper under our skin than we expected.

For a few years already can AI predict the judgment of judges with the accuracy of 98%. AI writes first books. Compose first music. Deliver images and it is frequently the reason why people look at their SMARTWATCHES or SMARTPHONES.

The majority of the people and businesses do not understand that AI can not be controlled by them, but serve as a control tool to measure and manage their own lives and businesses by others.

This is one of the reasons why AI and ROBOTS are not the key or target of INDUSTRY 5.0, but are kept in the level of a tool.

If this functionality is not kept the 1974 cartoon clearly indicates how the roles would change. I am sure you will understand the story even without understanding the Czech language. The cartoon was produced in HUNGARY.

There is nothing wrong with AI as long as some people do not start to exploit its existence. Let us be carefull and sensitive and do not trust anyone who will tell you that INDUSTRY 5.0 is just another name for IoT, he, she ot it does lie.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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