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3 min readOct 24, 2022

Despite the fact many who usually never visited a factory together with those who work in a factory consider that there is only one end of the production line, the reality is different.

One production line has many ends and just one is called the “final” product

I put the word “FINAL” in brackets because what is final for one, is frequently a component for the others, or a semifinished product for some.

The next end is in the air in which it is delivered in a form of smoke

Leaving the top of the industrial fingers pointing to the sky long after the fire below was extinguished

This is the next end

The end that comes next you find in waste containers and bins located all over the place, frequently growing permanently as first, but not the last of the wastes

the next end in the form of waste is being produced in form of products that will not find their end-user or end-consumer

Being produced based on MARKET DEMAND, nobody really cares how far this demand is from the true needs or reality.

All of us represent a unique production line, it is called LIFE and it produces so much because it is running 24/7/?? years. It is we who decide what the “end of the production line” will deliver today

Whether it will be a new skill learned

or own skill shared

Both are at the end and it is only one to choose

We have to be aware of this. Aware of the fact that it is we, who is fully and solely responsible for the output of the production line.

It is raining outside on June 7, 2022, I will leave on my electric unicycle to visit a new client factory soon. The right clothing eliminates the possibility of getting wet.

Later on, evenings, I participate in an online event in which the future of FOOD TECH was discussed, the organizer encouraged all to ask questions and interact in the chat, which I did, before the organizer kicked me out because nobody else asked any questions, that was the solution for his END OF PRODUCTION LINE called sharing or education.

What happened at the end, same as described above, was the decision of the organizer, admin, or host. She decided to cut me off from the event.

Just one day after the next SUSTAINABILITY (in retail) conference took place in the Czech Republic

One-day conference finishing with GREENWASHING topic delivered by experts in GREENWASHING

TRUTH is very interesting. Looking at it from the perspective of a PRODUCTION LINE, it has only one end — THE TRUTH

LIE on the contrary have so many ends, that the liars do not remember at which end they stay.

The CORE TASK of the day


Using the 6R methodology may help to achieve this

And do not forget to share your findings

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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