Michael Rada
4 min readApr 6, 2022

Both names used in the name represent the name of industries



Two of the three most profitable industries in the world. One generates the other, helping each other to bigger profitability.

Both build in the name of FREEDOM and CLEAN ENVIRONMENT

Both profit from the death of man, machines, and products.

Both financed strongly gain on profitability for few and sorrow of many

Death and Destruction are the ground stones on which both are built.

In half a century I was never in an obvious war but live for the first eighteen years of my life behind the iron curtain protected by armed forces from the Soviet Union against the evil hidden behind.

Then the curtain fall and we realized that behind people are living, with hearts in the right place and hands and legs and heads and eyes and mouth. People are willing to speak and share. People which have their happiness so as sadness, people who live for life not for death as it was told us for such a long time.

Shortly after the fall, the first LIVE STREAMED WAR came on the TV SCREEN and many follow, turning war into a game and filling games into small wars where killing makes the most fun.

I write this article just 4 days after the new war came from the east. It came being named FREEDOM, coming once again from the east, following almost the same scenario thanks to which in 1968 the fathers and grandfathers of today´s soldiers came to the silent newborn freedom, with the use of fear spread across the country.

UKRAINE instead of CZECHOSLOVAKIA, the name changed, way remains so as tools used to deliver the forced freedom defined by someone else.

This is what a WAR is. Millions die for the dream of one who would like to leave a footprint in mankind's history, no matter how dark or bloody it would be.

The WASTE INDUSTRY uses the same tactics, even using the GREEN color to hide the real intentions which are very opposite to the declared ones.

I am living and writing these lines in the city of Plzen, in the western part of CZECHIA. In a city which was named the EUROPEAN CITY OF CULTURE in 2015. All this information you will find in WIKIPEDIA, on the website of the city government, on google. What you will not find there is that the poorly functioning WASTE MANAGEMENT company which was not able to manage the municipal and city waste properly, was just given a new name “CISTA PLZEN” (CLEAN CITY) and their WASTE COLLECTION CARS have been painted green to leave even more waste behind.

According to the words of WORD BANK, the WASTE VOLUME should globally grow till 2050, which will mean that WAR INDUSTRY and WASTE INDUSTRY are going to be the two most profitable industries in the world, on a planet, called EARTH, which some already plan to leave leaving behind even more waste and destruction than they did before

For nine years already I am asking people from workers to presidents if they prefer to live on a landfill or on a BLUE MARBLE, that represents the WASTELESS WORLD. For nine years I get only one answer. A SImilar question is asking the president of Ukraine the People in Russia and I do recommend everyone to watch this speech.

It reminds me strongly of the most powerful speech that I ever watched and heard in my entire life, on the speech of DICTATOR, delivered for the first time in 1940 one year before the biggest war in HUMAN HISTORY started, to leave tens of millions dead behind

For Charlie Chaplin, it was one of the first serious roles, but unfortunately, his image as a comedian, let the audience expect comedy. Instead of fun, the very serious message was delivered, but it came too late, the WAR was already burning lives.

Today, 82 years later, the same mistake happen

DICTATOR incarnated the next war and the next waste stream began. LIVES, TIME, and MONEY would be wasted to fulfill the dream of one making him, her, or them more rich and powerful. DISRESPECT TO LIVE. DISRESPECT TO NATURE. DISRESPECT TO THE FAILS OF THE PAST. The only that drives the soldiers is the blind mass following orders.

You may ask yourself what can be the next CORE TASK in the “17” CHALLENGE


Not just “LIKE” but use your own hands to deliver change and help someone else. Fell and difference after the core task delivered. This is how PALPABLE RESULT feels, This is how YOU START TO CHANGE THE WORLD

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0