Michael Rada
4 min readJun 6, 2022

Do you want to wake up your dreams?

Many would like to and try to live their dreams.

Every single day I receive in my own mailbox several messages mainly from FINEXTRA.COM web informing me how many millions have been funded to how many startups. At the same time, I get information on the investments of banks into green paint of their walls and of the impact investors who see the impact in making more money, than yesterday.

The business runs the same, use just different names

One of the reasons is the PROFESSIONAL BLINDNESS or, as named by one of the HUMANS that joined me on the construction site of WASTELESS WORLD, the TUNNEL VIEW.

Do you think that this concerns many, but does not touch you, yourself?

If so, why have you not realized that the name of today´s article is an OXYMORON?

Here you see how easy is to trick the brain, which is the way many use to get more money from the pockets of others.

Yesterday night I get a WHATSUP message from the CEO of one of the companies that sell the dreams, that remain dreams because the technology they sell with such success does not exist and work. Despite that, they sell it, launched the second round of bonds, signed contracts with government officials, and secured loans in banks. He is offering cooperation for his new project.

Do you think that this can be done only by a small and unknown local player? I just wonder if you ever heard the names ELON MUSK and HYPERLOOP. Probably not, because if you will, you will not say, that just small and unknown are the ones who sell the dreams.


Did you never hear of him? But you probably fund him through your bank, institutions, or government, because he was able to collect for his dream more than 75.000.000 USD and with this amount he was able during the existence of the project to collect already so much plastic waste from the ocean, that one plastic product factory produces in one week time.

Same for the DEBT a DREAM is “profitable” just for one and it is never the debtor or dreamer.

Ever heard of DAVOS?

Ever heard of COP 26?

Ever heard of the UNITED NATIONS?

The row of names using the same strategy of delivering DREAMS FOR FREE is long and as the news from FINEXTRA shows, it gets longer every single day remaining somehow the PINOCCHIO NOSE.

The great about this strategy is the fact that DREAMERS DO NOT COMPLAIN, just dream.

This is one of the reasons why the WAKE-UP CALLS delivered globally not only by me are so anticipated by the story and fairytale tellers who try to silence us.

The CORE TASK today is to WAKE-UP one dreamer

No matter if HE, SHE, or THEY, it will be an unpleasant feeling to woke-up from a beautiful dream, but the biggest surprise comes looking at the nightmare and damage created by those who deliver the dreams to others. First will come the intention to sleep again, but it is your next task to give them the tools for changing their own future. Give it into their own hand and let them do the work with you.

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN

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