Michael Rada
4 min readNov 26, 2020

When INDUSTRY 5.0 started to change the industry of INDIA, many surprising facts came to light. One of the biggest surprises was how to advance the Indian Industry is comparing to the nation and society.

In other words, talking about WASTE, the Industry in India is more advanced than industries in Europe, the USA, and other destinations. But the streets of the cities are covered in waste and dirt.

It seems to me that the CASTE SYSTEM does not influence only the people, but businesses which were new to me.

INDUSTRY 5.0 recognizes four types of waste PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, URBAN, and PROCESS WASTE and it applies waste prevention to all of them creating an image of harmony.

After analyzing data received from large Indian companies I have realized that what I see are the bricks, but what was missing, is the house and this is what INDUSTRY 5.0 represents.

After discovering this fact it is more than obvious why the response of the Indian industry and education system was so positive and why it was able to achieve in weeks and months results for which the rest of the world wait for years.

The Indian companies and corporations build strong bricks, but have not been able to use them to build the global house, so as they have not been able to teach others to do the same expecting to loose the know-how and profit.

The integration of existing projects in the INDUSTRY 5.0 deliver the possibility of participating on the constriction of global home. INDUSTRY 5.0 will not be just the umbrella, but the rain at the same time.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is the first industrial evolution in which the HUMAN builds up global exosystem positively resonating with the natural global ecosystem. It is great that the “bricks” are available and people are ready, for the nature will support by healing from the damage done in last five decades or a century.

The impact of construnction will not only be tramendous and strong on the industrial level but will influence the entire society and will do it immediatelly without wasting any more time.

Never in my entire career and it looks like never in the history of mankind was similar “project” been realized, all of the revolution started and end up on factory ground but never expanded to society. In the contrary, the society was placed in the position of passive consumer and instead of “PULL” the “PUSH” system was applied in a “hunt for more”. Production volumes, do not bother with Consumption needs.

Indian people proved long before England and long before many that they are skilled and wise constructiong structures standing for centiries, delivering definitions, answers and solutions, so as pieces of art of all types. With INDUSTRY 5.0 the NATION is getting back its place on sun, the leadership which was lost due to “other man interest”.

It is the intention and function of INDUSTRY 5.0 to utilize systematically the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES. India is one of the largest source of the ON-THE-GROUND-MINES in the world and these can be utilized delivering no damage, but relief to the NATURE, ENVIRONMENT and GLOBAL CLIMATE. It is unique opportunity for India and Indian companies tu turn into INDUSTRY 5.0 and SUSTAINABILITY CHAMPIONS delivering results and solution globally generating recogition and profit so as followers and clients who did recognized that SUSTAINABILITY PRETENDERS will never change and do good for the planet, climate and society, but only for own profit.

Today, on November 6th, 2020 I ahve delivered next KEYNOTE SPEECH on event in India. Speech related to the FOOD WASTE, INDUSTRIAL WORMERY (VERMICOMPOSTING) and INDUSTRY 5.0 and the response of the audience was strong again.

Next week will be not only participating on the research and technology roundtable in Japan, but will have the honor to talk to one of the TOP TEN companies in INDIA according to FORTUNE. The topic is the possibility of INDUSTRY 5.0 principles implementation within the global structure of the company and corporation that have offices and factories all over the world employing more 32.984 employees in 2019.

If successful the wasteless mindset will not spread over to 32.984 people on all continents, but to 722.000 emloyees counting to the group so as their families, relatives and more changing the behavior and life of more that 3.000.000 people in a short period of time, inspiring further millions to follow the role model example.

This is the difference ad power of INDUSTRY 5.0, with just a little, being a role model in short time more people can improve their lives than quantity of the population of Czechia, country me and INDUSTRY 5.0, we have been born and this makes me proud to be HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0