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UNITED NATIONS fail and I am very sorry to tell that about a global organization which was found just shortly after the second world war and which aim was to keep an eye on global peace and freedom.

For a long time, I had the feeling that there is something wrong with the UN, and on Friday, June 18, 2021, my feeling was confirmed during the latest election for Secretary-General. The election that reminds me so strongly of the democratic election in the country I was born in and lived in for eighteen years, CZECHOSLOVAK SOCIALIST REPUBLIC (CSSR).

For my first 18 years, living as a child and teen in the socialist country, the elections have only ONE PARTY and ONE CANDIDATE to vote for and the Democracy of the vote was proved by the obligation to vote for every single citizen above 18 years of age.

37 days before my 18th Birthday, the world-famous VELVET REVOLUTION took place and ended the regime of communism and socialism in my country and my own first elections have been the first truly free elections in 40 years, and the first one in 21 years which has not been supervised by the soldiers of UNITED SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC, which came as guests for “help” on August 21, 1968, and stay as Masters for more than two decades.

The same style of freedom has been applied to the last UN election in which not a single member of 193 approved the right for participation to a second candidate ARORA AKANKSHA who announced her intention to apply for the role in February 2021.

ARORA announced her candidacy with the intention to change the UNITED NATIONS and reduce the volume of wasting inside. In my opinion, this was the major reason for all country states' representatives to reject support or to ignore her intention to turn the UNITED NATIONS back to its origin, to become a SAFEGUARD of FREEDOM and ROLE-MODEL of DEMOCRACY.

Because of the prove of fail, I don´t think that there can be counted with the UNITED NATIONS to play a major role in the construction of WASTELESS WORLD and I think there is a new global entity needed.

UNITED NATIONS fails because the representatives of nations has been united but in their own interest only and not interests of the nations or unit or democracy or freedom, this is the reason why another solution must come.

INDUSTRY 5.0 is EVOLUTION and not an entity and this is why it can not be the right entity, but at the same time in delivering the answer what must come after UNITED NATIONS fail to fulfil its original function

UNITED HUMANS should be the name of a new global organization. Organization in which the UNITY is not just the buzzword and the cooperation is not to be seen only in white papers, proclamations and on online presentations and on the web.

Many examples in history deliver the proof, that HUMAN with HUMAN can achieve more than all world leaders, politicians and governments together.

I do not want to deliver just another UNITED NATIONS, no this is not my intention, because I do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past but learn from them. The UNITED NATIONS delivered a big lesson.

At the moment of writing these lines, I just watched the next GOLDEN BUZZER which I would like to share with you

Not because of the great voice of the actor, but because of the way how one man can change the “hate” of another man into “love” just with the power of his voice and his appearance.

Jimmie Herrod was humble

Jimmie believes that music is in his heart and this is why he teach music to others

One of the issues of UNITED NATIONS which I discovered during the years of creating the WASTELESS WORLD was that the employees are not permitted to cooperate with anyone else and are bind strictly to the organization.

I know it because several UN employees are part of my business network, others follow the development of INDUSTRY 5.0 and after offering the role of INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS or HEROES they informed me that they are not able to accept because of the employment contract with the current employee.

UNITED HUMANS seems to be an appropriate name

INDUSTRY 5.0, it is not just the next generation of INDUSTRY 4.0, from REVOLUTION it turns to EVOLUTION to start the journey from the very beginning, a new BLUE OCEAN project on BLUE PLANET.

Two months before ARORA decided about her candidacy, I draw the route map of INDUSTRY 5.0 keynotes and include there for June 23, 2021 (the day I am writing this article) the publication of a keynote named UNITED NATIONS IN THE AGE OF INDUSTRY 5.0. I uploaded it yesterday and make it public today, exactly on the day.

My voice is not the voice of Jimmie. I do not have the attention of Greta. I can not buy a media space like ELON, BILL, MICHAEL, JEFF, or ANTÓNIO, but I can use the tools of the internet to deliver it to those who would appreciate it,


You may ask yourself why I would like to step into politics? I don't want to. I would like the UNITED HUMANS keeps strictly apolitical and independent.

At the same day, I published my UN speech I got invited as a speaker to the WORLD LEADER SUMMIT

It will take place in November and I would be happy to present not only the update related to the INDUSTRY 5.0 including the growth of the INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS NETWORK, but to the UNITED HUMANS as well.

Think about it and do remember it is only YOU who decide if HUMANS WOULD BE UNITED OR NOT

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0