Michael Rada
3 min readNov 19, 2020

During the last October week, I registered for the EUROPEAN SDG SUMMIT organized by #CSR EUROPE non-profit organization subvented by EUROPEAN COMMISSION

CSR EUROPE is an organization within an organization, the European Commission established and utilize many similar to do the work EUROPEAN COMMISSION employees should do.

The event was strongly promoted not only on social media, but in all media which was for sure not free of charge, and included in a budget, which size can not be found, same as any other information related to financing and utilization of the money paid for operations.

Same as on all events, including the sustainability events I try to contribute, not being a speaker this time helps me to ask questions and share knowledge related to my own work and INDUSTRY 5.0.

The first day delivered many speeches of politicians and officials so many questions have been asked and none was answered during the whole event.

According to the organizer, information questions should be answered later. instead of the answer, I find out, that all the questions and discussions I placed, start, or participate in have been erased.

All INDUSTRY 5.0 related topics.

ALL information related to INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING

ALL links to projects, images, notes related to the results of seven years of implementation of systematic waste prevention methodology have been wasted by the organizer and his admin.

It reminds me of the movie LEON, where “CLEANER” act to clean up the location of a crime.

Looking at the selection of top corporate members I am asking myself who do I see, the bad or the good guys? Do I see a list of role models which realize their business with the respect to the planet and resources or do I see a list of names that represent the very opposite approach being able to gain size and profitability by exploiting all that gets in their hands with the intention to sell more and produce more forever?

After finding out that all of my work was wasted I get angry and it took me a few minutes to calm down. After I did I have recorded, uploaded, sent, and shared my video message with the organizer

I would like to thanks #CSREUROPE for the action and steps because they helped me to understand that it does not represent a partner who would like to support a true and systematic change of the existing system

It helps me to understand that organizations are not different from people who run them. People who talk about storm never leave the safe harbor providing them with food and drink supply, a guaranteed salary and additional benefits and rewards if they speak more.

In the last session I was listening to aim CSR IN SUPPLY CHAIN, hosts of the event, never worked in logistics before and have even troubles with the definition of the supply chain, but can talk hours about the risk management of the supply chain.

The current setup is too valuable to support its end

In just three days from now (Oct. 27th, 2020) I will deliver my speech to the Indian conference WASTE TO WORTH speaking to waste industry members that the time of permanently growing waste volumes will never change. I hope it will be a WAKE-UP CALL not only to INDIAN WASTE INDUSTRY but to ALL INDUSTRIES and GOVERNMENT in INDIA, that this change already came and it is just their own decision, whether they change and grow, or face the fast disappearing volumes of waste, taking away the dreams of never-ending profitability of the existing way of wasting.

One by one, company by company, school by school, university by university, country by country I change the world from wasteful to wasteless, next would be Nigeria and Africa. It is not time to waste the time and wait until the captains of sustainability give away their own pride and leave the safe harbour, because they will never do.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0