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Yesterday, which is eight days from now, there was delivered first time in human history the WASTE PREVENTION POLICY DEFINITION. Except for the Indian media house THE POLICY TIMES not a single media took part, having more important to follow than the introduction of the policy that recovers the planet.

The speaker spends eight years putting the right words together

Eight long years filled with hard work, happiness, and sorrow same as the time to time with hunger and thirst, but what was more important, filled with continuous effort to deliver the change everywhere he went.

More important than anything else has been every single meeting, every single talk, and discussion with more and more HUMANS that meet him on his journey.

All the support, so as the ignorance, both have been needed to deliver the proof that the aim to build a wasteless world was the right one and can be achieved.

Yesterday was the PRE-LAUNCH. The very first introduction of the new policy is not intended to be part of just waste policy, but of the entire national so as international legislation and frameworks.

The global launch will follow soon because there is no time to waste. Too much destruction was done already and much more will be done if we do not act.

Before starting to write this article I have checked the content of the entire WASTELESS WORLD STORY to find out how many times carry the chapter´s titles the name of “TIME”. It was THIRTY-THREE.

This is the 34th time and for the first time it says ACT

Reading this article you have probably no opportunity to be part of the event and listen live to the keynote. DO not worry, here is the pre-recorded speech set to be premiered 12 hours later.

As mentioned many times before, the name INDUSTRY 5.0 is not representing the fifth industrial revolution, but it does represent the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BA MAN (HUMAN) and evolution can not be stopped.

Within the last five decades, which reflect my entire life, billions of DOllars and Euros have been invested in WASTE MANAGEMENT and CARBON EMISSION TRADING without understanding that every investment results in more waste and deeper negative impact of industrial operations of the global ecosystem. We put our hands together after the delivery of the next pledges and promises without waiting for the results to be delivered first.

It remains me on the applause for the Pilot after the first touch of the wheels on the ground without consideration that instead of a landing line, a gap or an obstacle on the ground can put the plane in the fire. After the plane stop, no one is applauding anymore, understanding it as STANDARD.

For several years I am watching the number of people and businesses STAND UP to declare the change is growing. If you look at papers, magazines into online media archives, a decade ago was sustainability on the edge of extinction, today it seems to me that every single minute some news related to sustainability appears. Hand in hand with information about environmental damage and climate emergency. I am sure that WILLIAM will aim his MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING to the sustainability, living today and he will be not the only one

KAREL CAPEK was one of them delivering a similar rich library

All books, published between 1924–1934 including R.U.R. from which the word “ROBOT” is today in everyone's mouth.

Many warnings against the NAZISM and POLITICS OF POWER, being ignored until WWII kill millions.

I realize a decade ago that STAND UP is not enough to deliver the change and eight years ago I decided to ACT

I am building the WASTELESS WORLD and I know already that I will not live in it but will have a peek into it leaving the stable ground stones for building the wasteless future for all around the globe.

I do believe the waste prevention policy will help you to act

if not sure, just get in touch with me or any INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADOR and we will help you

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0