One year ago from the moment I write this post, after being banned from all political discussions I asked on Facebook those who have been invited to ask for me each politician just three questions.

I did not share this request with an English speaking audience, which was my mistake, so let me correct this mistake.

Here are the only three questions to be asked

  1. Is it correct that a country is being led by thieves and liars?
  2. Would the country in which the answer to the first question is positive, be country of thieves and liars?
  3. Would the country in which the answer to the first question is negative be able to live without any government?

Looking at the 2020 development in almost every country in the world I am coming to the conclusion that the criteria for the selection and work of political “leaders” should be changed. Completely.

There are two many mistakes integrated and connected with habits related to the existence of politics, politicians, and political parties, we can not expect small changes to change the dead-end street direction.

We have to start with a scratch in all we do. We have to change the meaning of POLITICS and POLITICIANS. All that should be reflected in the new legislation.

On June 3rd, 2020 have Prince Charles announces ‘Great Reset Programme’ in bid to save the planet after coronavirus pandemic and I hope he will not follow the footsteps of his son, Prince William and the ERTHSHOT PRIZE which started the decade of Earth recovery with five months of wasting time.

I am not royal.

I am not rich.

I am not a celebrity

I am just a man, human, who decided to build up wasteless world and do it with my own hands for seven years already preventing more than 750.000.000 kg of products and material to become waste.

I do not think the title matters

Prince or President, both human beings

The most important is to switch from words and plans and promises to the work of hands

The day after announcing his GREAT RESET PROGRAM and input the words in google search and this is the result

699.000.000 search results from which majority direct to many “great resets” discussed on many occasions including DAVOS, UN, EU, and more.

Prince Charles calls on world leaders not to ignore the critical lesson learned from the crisis and to ensure that a new economic model evolves.

For the first time in history “world leaders” met virtually, being able to speak from well protected and safe bunkers and offices from which great advice is once again being delivered to the remaining 98% of the population.

Same as Marx and Engels, never working with hands, the rich call the poor to act to make the world better once again after they damaged the world in the hunt for more. More money, More money, More power, More influence, More …

Just MORE is important

“The announcement of the Great Reset was made by HRH The Prince of Wales and Professor Schwab during a virtual meeting, followed by statements by UN Secretary-General António Guterres and IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva”

On all of them, I have addressed at least one INDUSTRY 5.0 related message per year, delivering insight into the development of the first industrial evolution ever lead by man (HUMAN). There was not a single response.

Can anyone tell me why I should trust the words match the intention?