Michael Rada
3 min readMar 26, 2020


One of the smallest to human eye visible form of water

If you look at it you see just a small silver ball, but if you come closer, you may see the whole world, which is upside down.

There are even smaller droplets, in fog and mist, but our eyes are not so well equipped to see a single one, we see just the white “wall”

And even small, invisible, we breathe with every single of our breath, no matter if having, or not, a face mask, surgical mask or respirator

Working hard in a face mask at the end of your shift you may discover, same as I did, the mask is filled partly with water. Many thinks, it is the salty sweat, but in my case, no salt I felt on my tang, just pure condensed water.

Healthy or not, hard to say, without proper measurement tools.

Coming back to the mist and fog, everyone probably remembers the feeling going through, being a little bit wet for a moment but dry in the next one.

This is the datasheet of a mist system. A system that can not only save the lives if used as a firefighting tool but nations and economies if used in pandemic times as a disinfection delivering medium.

Prior to people standing on the front line

Than fo those in BackOffice

FInally to all, for the DESINFOG solution should not help just a few experts or the rich ones, but the droplets are here once again to change nations and economy and industry as well.

FOr seven years already I teach businesses and individuals how to prevent waste happen, speaking about water as one of the treasures. For four years of supporting actively project and technologies reducing the water wasting. Now I stand here, facing the planet, having the right solution at the right place negotiating with corporations and governments setting up a plan of implementation and delivery and realizing the deliveries

I am Michael Rada and for me, every drop of water have the value of many lives, how is it with you?



Michael Rada

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