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4 min readOct 28, 2020


It is not common that people share the same nightmare, but from time to time it happened. In industries, it is not rare, because the loss is a nightmare of all the industries, but there is only one industry in the world which make other industries nightmares to own sweet dreams.


It is the only industry in the world which made waste to the treasure

It seems like it is unstoppable, climbing the ladder of the most profitable industries in the world. In 2010, the waste industry was the fifth most profitable industry in the world, in 2019 in becoming third after becoming more profitable than white meat (slavery) and drugs, and it predicts itself to be second soon after the raw oil becomes more and more “obsolete”

The only bigger and more profitable will remain the WAR INDUSTRY, which will probably forever be the most profitable industry in the world. In fact, the WAR and WASTE industry are connected more than just with the first two letters of their names.

The WAR generates WASTE which means even the WAR will make the WASTE INDUSTRY stronger, walking hand in hand.

I have a discussion today with one waste company administrator today. The discussion reminds me so strongly of my discussion with senior managers of almost all the big waste industry companies represented in Czechia seven years ago. All listen to the details of the SYSTEMATIC WASTE PREVENTION project and all, every single one, refused to join or support.

It took me a long time to realize that WASTE PREVENTION is like Holy water for Satan. If waste would be prevented it does not have to be managed.

So simple the fact

So simple that people and companies do not recognize it and are ready to pay the waste management costs forever and ever, growing year by year.

In the discussion, which was in Czech, one very interesting fact came to light. According to Czech law and Legislation is the landfilling called WASTE LIQUIDATION.

How is it in your country?


I just wonder why nobody is disturbing the fact that on a landfill the waste is not LIQUIDATED but STORED.

Recently I have posted an article related to the importance of proper naming of facts and this is a great example.


But on a landfill, the waste does not disappear, just change the location instead. Am I right?

But the landfill owners are paid for liquidation

Does it mean they do not provide the service they are paid for?

It is not the only example, there are many similar, and all point in one direction.


This is why you will probably never hear from a waste company the advice waste less. Instead of that, you get the advice to list your waste in another category instead. Even the improved sorting is not being recommended frequently, because waste mix means more money for the waste company and if the waste categories are easy to sort on the waste management company site like (ferrous and non-ferrous) you will not be given the recommendation to do it in your own factory because that will increase the purchase price and this is not in favor of the waste company.

WASTE PREVENTION is a nightmare for a waste company


The worst part about this nightmare is that everyone can prevent waste happen and it does not require any capital investment, but a change of mindset.

When my daughter was small I told her every day a new fairy tale to sleep well. For the last seven years, I deliver nightmares to WASTE INDUSTRY. A nightmare for one, but a fairytale for all the others in the world because nobody wants to live in a landfill.

The WASTELESS WORLD is a nightmare for one and the only industry or better to say for people who receive the profits from that industry. For all the others it is the image they prefer to live in and on.

Which one do you prefer?



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