Michael Rada
3 min readNov 6, 2020

“We are living in a different world”

This is the sentence of the year 2020 together with

“We are living in a different time”

I can not agree because the world we live in is the same, we just look at it from a different perspective, but the time, time is really different.

Which in fact is not different from the days, weeks, months years, and centuries. It was so forever. Every minute is new and not a single one will come back to us.

In fact, it seems like that slowing down helped many to realize, that no matter how fast you will go, run, ride, or flight, you will never be able to catch the time.

During my work, today, preparing for the speech at the next conference I was listening to the PERFECT INVESTORS PITCH, a program developed to help startups to raise money from investors.

When finished I decided to record my own pitch, and here it is

It is different. I am different. INDUSTRY 5.0 is different, so we all are balanced. What is not balanced is the relationship between INVESTOR and the company or project which is asking for financial support.

  • Have you ever wonder why people who need money have to invest money first to find somebody who will listen to them?
  • Have you ever wonder why the rich ones like so much to collect the ideas of the poor ones to profit from them?
  • Have you ever asked why the poor ones filled and pay for garbage bins and the rich ones collect the money out of the same?

We are living in a world that for a long time turns the economy in an upside-down place. In a place where gravity moves profits from the pockets of the poor and fill it in the pockets of the rich ones.

We live in a world where people serve machines

We live in a world where time is measured by the amount of generated profit

We live in a world where we wait for the full sign to empty

We live in a world where voters serve elected ones

We live in a world where MASK is the new freedom

We live …

but is it true?



Michael Rada

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