Michael Rada
4 min readOct 1, 2021

There are many walls in Glasgow, but at the moment only one, located at Glasgow site southside, M74 flyover, does carry the word RADA on it.

Glasgow is the city in which the COP26 should take place soon. Place where speakers from all around the globe will arrive with planes, to speak about unprecedented destruction caused by those who don´t care.

The same people will enjoy the local accommodation with daily bedsheets exchange, the tropical fruits on the tables and bottled water and of course beer and spirits served to celebrate the victory on agreement on COP27.

All will feel like stars on the sky of success

Some may go outside to look at the night sky seeing nothing due to light pollution. The number of cars and cubs on the streets will increase so as the number of snapshots of businessmen and businesswomen sitting on the bike, before handing it to another person for the same positive PR snapshot.

On the streets, protesters will protest


Line 24 times before

The UNITED NATIONS TRAVEL CIRCUS will choose the next destination and instead of celebrating delivered results, agreements and pledges will cause the next applause of happy participants with free food and drinks from which half will end up in the garbage because of the impossibility to plan.

Prince William and Sir David would be on hundreds of selfies again and Greta will deliver the next speech warning that the House is on Fire, for two years already and still nobody tries to use water to take the fire down, instead of that more and more call WATER IS NEEDED watching the flames every Friday.

The true stars keep working seven days a week for many years having no time to celebrate or rest because the work is still not done despite many results delivered. Results that can be touched and feel by the skin of hands and feet, by the skin of people, animals, and flowers who do not die in the thirsty countryside from which water was filled in the bottles to be sold to those who can afford the next bottle.

The true stars speak about the results delivered, shared the way and the tools with others without the need of calling global events which waste the time of many and money that can be utilized much better

All who deliver the true change do speak the LANGUAGE OF EFFICIENCY, language that is spoken to be understand the same by all, not to confuse all.

The true start does not shine with jewelry, exclusive designer dresses, title before and after their names. You can hardly see them on the TV on the site of celebrities and presidents and world leaders. True leaders deliver results first before they speak.

The leaders are not funded, don't win any prizes, do not collect incentives, they deliver and sell results to be the role model of a sustainable economy in which addiction to other people's money is understood as not healthy and dangerous.

The STARS of change can be met in the streets, factories, and schools, they will come first if help is needed and try to apply solutions before they propose its application to others. You will not recognize them until you stop and speak with them. The way they describe the work they do, is much different than the common description of a sales man who describe his or her product, or people who describe how important they are and how rich.

The true stars appear long before is too late

look around you and become one

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0