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WASTING is omnipresent same as MONEY

Both are in every business and industry

It is interesting that only MONEY has been discussed before INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING and INDUSTRY 5.0 arrived and start with systematic waste prevention.

In the past, the economy, before it even become its name was built on the exchange of products or materials which both can be named CURRENCY OF TRADE and ECONOMY.



Later comes currency, which “represents” the value of the product, service, or solution. What is interesting is that the currency gets lighter and lighter with every new economical stage and development. From Stone to metal, from metal to gold, silver, over to paper banknotes, and today the currency is dematerialized completely and remains in form of ZEROES and ONE in the virtual world of digital value.

What is interesting is the fact that with almost no development step, except for the last one, the volume of waste grows so significantly. The last two stages that we can line up with are INDUSTRY 3.0 and INDUSTRY 4.0, especially 4.0, aim the production volume but ignoring the true consumption volume. The production and consumption have been disconnected which results in a significant increase in production volumes and simultaneously in an increase in the waste volume because a big share of products become waste already during the production process, considering the true market demand.

Speaking about the TRUE MARKET DEMAND, I mean the truly consumed goods, not just the goods that have been delivered to the shelves of stores. I am not speaking about the number of houses and flats build, but about the number which has its inhabitants. I am not speaking about the number of warehouses and factories, but about the number of those in which space is used efficiently. Not about the number of trucks, railway wagons, and planes on the roads, but about those which are filled with cargo, goods, or people.

It looks like the “weight” of currency is directly connected to “value of waste”


This equatation made the WASTE INDUSTRY the THIRD MOST PROFITABLE INDUSTRY in the world and the candidate for the second place.

With the preasure and funding of DIGITALIZATION and VIRTUALIZATION, the volume of physical waste grow. One of the reasons is that not a single developer is projecting the true reality of life into the beauty of virtual reality. Even the digital twins are created to show THE BETTER WORLD, ignoring the waste, this is why it looks like everything is best in virtual world unless you try to eat the DIGITAL BREAD or to drink the DIGITAL WATER. NOne of those will satisfy at the moment your physical body.

To change the development, which represents DEVOLUTION and not EVOLUTION, it is necessary to MATERIALIZE AGAIN THE RESULTS OF OUR WORK, TO DELIVER PALPABLE RESULTS and this is your task.

INDUSTRY 5.0 started its journey with one and only article that already carry the message in 2015


The message was so different that it wakes up interest already in the first minutes after its publication and since that moment I took it as a proof that the previous two years of preparation, development and implementation put great groundstone of the WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL, which was, it is and it will be te only aim of INDUSTRY 5.0.

The “17” project does not only change the INDUSTRIES, but as mentioned in the keynote so as the first article it is hear to transfer the SOCIETY, ECONOMY so as ECOSYSTEM at the same time

The ECONOMY must leave the direction to dematerialization, stop its funding and must turn to support MATERIALIZATION and PHYSICAL RESULTS delivered by makers, instead of ideas delivered by dreamers, like it is now.

This process will increase the speed of implementaiton so as shorten the assestment time, because it is much more efficeint to study what is in your hand, what you can touch, than something which exist just in form of numbers and dreams paindet in colourful brochures and materials filled with hundred of pages which nobody reads.

These are just few of thousands of INDUSTRY 5.0 FOLLOWERS. The list is realy long including the UNITED NATIONS, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, WORLD INVESTMENT FORUM. In my network, that represents INDUSTRY 5.0 so as its projects including “17” are already in the beginning of January 2022, 596 members with the title “PRESIDENT”

Same as in AUTOMOTIVE, in which the first traditional car maker who open and dedicate part of his production capacity to TRANSFORMATION and ELECTRIFICATION of EXISTING FLEET of their clients, users and drivers, will the first BANK and FINANCIAL INSTUTION will able to LEAD the WASTELESS ECONOMY if they change towards MATERIALIZATION.

It is not the matter of money, and investment, but WILL TO CHANGE and this is available to all without any delay or limits.


Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0