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4 min readDec 8, 2023

I am not sure if you ever heard the term that I used to name the next chapter of WASTELESS WORLD STORY

If not I do recommend asking WIKIPEDIA

Stockholm syndrome is a proposed condition or theory that tries to explain why hostages sometimes develop a psychological bond with their captors!”

To say it simply, or in other words, THE PREY LOVES THE HUNTER

Some confusion may resonate now in your head, looking at the city name in the article name and the city in the header image, which seems to be different and you are right, it is ABU DHABI, the location of COP28 which has been dedicated the extra articles published during the first week of the duration of the global CONFERENCE OF PARTIES that for 28 years already call the UNITED NATIONS

This image, from the same event led under the presidency of the CEO of the largest OIL PRODUCERS in the country and one of the world's leading PETROL COMPANIES, may increase your confusion.

This is good

Because CONFUSION seems to be missing in the heads of 97,000 participants invited to join COP28 with travel, accommodation, food, and drinks covered by the organizer and sponsors

Most of the invited participants (not speaking about politicians, lobbyists, and “world leaders”) come to change the world by contributing with their word to climate change. They know action is needed to realize where they come from.

After coming back the ENEMY is no more the ENEMY but a FRIEND or SOMEONE WHO CARES.

Does it sound familiar to you?

Ask your memory

If it does not help, check the start of this article


falling “in love” with those who let other people money to pay for the tickets, hotel rooms, entertainment, food, and drinks and I am sure everyone will not carry just a COP28 badge home, but great memories of great, nice, rich and influential people that behave like friends, listening for an hour to the claims to say at the end


Above is a screenshot from December 7, 2023, below LIVE COUNTER

It will be hard to return, from the luxury of lean cities, airconditioned rooms, halls filled with entertainment, and tables all the time filled with exotic dishes, from the place where a shower can be taken as long as you wish and you can fill hot water in the bathtub several times day, because this is the life they dreamed about and it exists already.

I would like to propose an extension of the WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE because I do not think the STOCKHOLD SYNDROM applies only to individuals or HUMANS. For a long time companies and organizations ENJOY their own

and no hostages, weapons, or danger need to be applied, MONEY is what makes one addicted

At the moment of integrating the table into my article COP28 and the UN promoted simultaneously on Twitter following poster

with this description

I do understand why the authors did not reply to my cooperation proposal sent when the first information leaked some time ago

Others, who get paid significantly more to come to COP 28 than just a return ticket, accommodation, food, and drink are proud that for them the planet is just a PLAYGROUND on which money can be made with ease

The “new” STOCKHOLM syndrome will act as the next ADHD, it will become the new NORMAL

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free, and BE HUMAN

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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