Michael Rada
2 min readApr 17, 2020

On April 17th, 2020, I was delivered interesting news from MIT. The professor Marcus J. Buehler and his team “transfer” coronavirus into sound. The result is an impressive artwork that lets me close my eyes, breathe deep and think about it.

I am not a musician, I am not a scientist, I am just a man who decided to change the world by preventing waste happen and do it for seven years. The sound of coronavirus let me think about the solution which was not tested yet. I contacted Marcus and we will see what would be the result.

COVID-19 is an organism, living tiny being. Like all of us, the life of COVID-19 is “based” on wavelength. Same s human heart, brain, organs. Few know that heart can be stopped with just three punches which cause the opposite wavelength, the same it can be revoked to life again.

In the generated sound I hear the COVID-19 beat, it spread through the whole recording, reminding me of the beat of a heart.

Can it be the sound that stops the virus?

Can we “zeronize” the wavelength by “playing” the very opposite one?


My way of working is strange for many. I do take existing and combine it with existing in a not existing way and it works. I can not do it again but have thousands of experts around me who can test my idea because it is their daily life and they have the right expertise.

I wonder what Marcus and his team say to this idea if he or somebody else test and share the result, but I hope it would be so for instead of living in fear, we should rise up our heads again, look at the sky blue same as many decades ago and breath the air without the need of face mask. Clean air in the cities covered for decades in dense smog.

I am sure everyone will enjoy the SOUND OF SILENCE




Michael Rada

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