Michael Rada
4 min readSep 8, 2021

In recent days and weeks, I have realized how little is the interest of people speaking about the change TO CHANGE THEMSELF.

More talk about the NEED TO CHANGE, less interest to be the first to show

Many have learned in recent decades, that declarations, white papers, and annual reports are sufficient and when time to time indulgencies are paid and promoted in media, all the world put their hands together and cheers, frequently send on the bank accounts of the rich even more money than was “given for good”.

This is a list of one of the articles in which the author uses the word INDUSTRY 5.0. An article was found during my regular control of the INDUSTRY 5.0 development which is needed to be done 3x days for me to be able to act.

I have underlined companies that follow INDUSTRY 5.0 from the time river bank for more than a year, just watching, doing nothing to support, but watching and watching and watching …

It is strange because in the same companies the WASTELESS mindset spread more and more coming from those who earn their bread with the work of their hands to those who earn most without moving a finger

The first ones already implemented the newly acquired knowledge, the others think about it, consider, discuss, but resist to change frequently because it was not them who would be named THE AUTHOR

It might put a bad light on their role in a company or society, not being the only teacher and the only wise man or woman in the neighborhood, but listen to others.

There are few at the top, but billions on the bottom and I am happy that the change is not a matter of a few, but resonates in hearts and is being transferred in the hands of billions.

The POLITICIANS, DECISION MAKERS, INFLUENCERS, VISIONARIES, WORLD LEADERS, stay on their balconies watching over the rising oceans listening to the more and more clearly resonating words

The big players, the Giants, are the last ones who would allow the change to change their own business. Frequently build on and with damage of the ecosystem creating, implementing, and supervising the disproportion and disbalance that creates shortage resulting into price and profit increase.

AMAZON talks about sustainability and on the other site start tender for purchasing 360.000 single-use wooden pallets of EUR size (1200 x 800 x 150 mm) that should end up their life after one and single trip. Not only the volume, but shipping specification eliminating the possibility of increasing the truck loading capacity by 50% would devastate not only the forests but the climate through emissions of 40% more trucks on the roads.

As long as he walks around the FIANTS on tiptoes, they will never wake up

When we scream under the windows we will not disturb their sleep

The only solution is to rebuild and reconstruct the world around them, changing all the habits that become our habits because someone say, its right to do so or so.

Small changes can happen every day, growing bigger and biger with every breath, sometime just a stable groundstone is needed to be applied on the construction site of wasteless world.

If 7,7 billion people change the mindset and make small change, the rest will not be able to follow the old way in which they became rich at the expense of others and will necesarily must change.

The soft touch which INDUSTRY 5.0 apply from the beginning of its existence does not only deliver the same change like the soft water deliver on the countryside at the moment of your own observation but deliver the change for which water needs thousands of years changing the countryside, cutting through stones and dividing the mountains giving both sites the same amount of life and humidity needed.

Become the soft touch of change yourself and experience the CHANGE itself

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0