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During the control of INDUSTRY 5.0 DEVELOPMENT, I received an academic publication from POLAND in which the authors connected INDUSTRY 5.0 and the term SILVER GENERATION

According to my investigation are both authors far from the SILVER GENERATION border (50+) Unfortunately same far are from the principles and origin of INDUSTRY 5.0 which they have not studied, taking the INDUSTRY 5.0 FAKE instead without being curious about where the term adopted by EUROPEAN COMMISSION on January 7, 2021, came from

I am sure that it was not the intention of AGNIESZKA and JAN FRATISZEK, but they introduced a term that is far from adopted “GENERATION DIVIDING TERMS” like GEN X, BABY BOOMERS and similar.

Contrary to those are the members of SILVER GENERATION, not the people born in specific years, but everyone who reaches the age when the color of hair is by many going to turn silver.

According to the authors came this time at the AGE of 50

It does not matter if the age indicator is right or wrong, what is correct is the fact that EVERYONE GETS OLDER, and no one is younger.

In some countries is this fact much more visible than in others if you look at the official demographic data. The oldest nation is JAPAN (meaning the percentage of people who reached the age of 60+). Over 1,4 million GERMAN seniors left the country relocating to other SENIOR FRIENDLIER locations in EUROPE, overseas, and so on.

What is a sad fact is that people 50+ and in some countries already 45+ are facing discrimination in the labor market and this despite much deeper knowledge about the topic, generated throughout decades of working in the field of their expertise.

It is a pity that AGNIESZKA and JAN FRANTISZEK did not study INDUSTRY 5.0 roots, because if they did, they would have realized that the topic they describe was included in INDUSTRY 5.0 from the very beginning, having its own category of waste that must be prevented to happen

It is the second one and its application is much bigger than just the needs of the SILVER GENERATION

Even people in the “PRE-PRODUCTIVE” age are considered by the society and economy as “SOCIAL WASTE” despite the fact nobody named them so.

During the creation of INDUSTRY 5.0 NETWORK I never asked for the AGE of the AMBASSADORS, GENDER, ACHIEVED EDUCATION, or similar criteria, because not a single one was important, contrary to TEN principles and criteria that summarized in DECATHON, every single INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADOR must accept before being nominated.

The criteria are the same for all from the very beginning and even the world's first INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADOR SHIV RAO-CHALLA must accept them before becoming ambassador in INDIA which will forever remain the first country in the world in which the GATE TO WASTELESS WORLD WAS ESTABLISHED.

INDIA was the first, followed by 110 other countries in just 21 months

Coming back to the SILVER AGE topic, the number of INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS in SILVER AGE would be growing every single year. The AMBASSADORSHIP is not assigned to a specific duration or length, but it depends on the AMBASSADOR and RESULTS delivered.

The FIRST one is being exchanged with SECONDS and THIRDS usually becoming the INDUSTRY 5.0 HEROS who has to respect not TEN but TWELVE conditions to become an INDUSTRY 5.0 HERO

Every single ambassador found in INDUSTRY 5.0 and ambassadorship something she or he was missing for a long time


and exactly this information is in the academic paper missing

It concentrates (in accordance with the payer's wish) on the implementation of SILVER GENERATION in the form of a component into the production system, serving ROBOTS and TECHNOLOGY as slaves, not MASTERS.

This was described well in the post by Dr. JOERG STORM published at the end of June 2023.

I posted the following comment which was appreciated by many in a short time

Contrary to many others, does INDUSTRY 5.0 not concentrate on MONEY and PERSONAL PROFIT but on the MEANINGFULNESS OF HUMAN LIFE and WORK this is what makes the FIRST INDUSTRIAL EVOLUTION EVER LED BY MAN (HUMAN) so different from all existing concepts based on HUNTING FOR MORE as the only criteria of success.

If you look at the header image you will see the picture of GREAT TEACHER and myself. He was 99 years and 6 months young when I took the image and left just 3 months later, but he was his entire life a great example that not a single day is being wasted if you live meaningful work and do meaningful work.

It is hard to notice, but my own hair was at that time SILVERISH as well.

The number of SILVER GENERATION representatives would be growing and this is why the system must change not to make out of the members SOCIAL WASTE, but the GROUND STONE, because its members do not look for short-term profit anymore but for the possibility to leave a long-lasting heritage for all. This is why I support directly or indirectly projects like EIGHT QUBE, BEFORE 3020, CAPTURE HIGH, or ADVANCE HIGHER

I would like to integrate all into INDUSTRY 5.0 global exosystem which is there to build and maintain WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL.

Before the end let me share with you that it seems like the term “SILVER GENERATION” is just 2 years old (2021), so please correct me if you find older references, thank you.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe, free, VISIBLE, audible and HUMAN, this is what GIANTS fear most

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0