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4 min readDec 29, 2021

This is my office

This is my kitchen

There is a RICE COOKER in the middle with a white spoon on the site

I like rice. Its structure, taste, and smell.

For many decades I was aware of the existence of rice cookers which are not common in my country (Czechia), but all the time I thought, that it will be the next not unnecessary item in my kitchen.

One day, six months before my 50th anniversary I bought one to be able not only to bake but to cook in my office. DO not understand me wrong, my AIR-FRYER is great and I enjoy every food prepared in it

but I miss soups and rice

Immediately after the purchase, I made me BASMATI RICE and it was delicious

The second was not rice

and the result was delicious as well

I was surprised because everyone whom I talked to said it is the best for cooking rice, but nobody mentioned, the same device is so flexible and usable for so many dishes, that it surprises me every single day.

It becomes my second ZERO WASTE cooking appliance and I am sure a COOKBOOK will follow soon the first dedicated to the AIR FRYER

With the help of LINKEDIN POLLS, I decided to check globally how other people use this wonder, but first decided to ask

My second question aim already the way how the users use their own rice cookers

Both polls have been opened just a minute before I start to write this article, but even a minute in the 16K network does deliver interesting first results.

The rice cooker seems to be one of the strongly underestimated products I met being sold as a SINGLE-USE appliance some of the users do not discover its potential life-long which I hope will change with this article, cookbook, and my WASTELESS COOKING SHOW that will start in 2022.

What is the most surprising of all surprises delivered in connection with the rice cooker is the fact that so many users in China and Japan, in countries of origin of the RICE COOKER, use it only for cooking and heating (keeping it hot) rice, but nothing else.

This clearly indicates the PROFESSIONAL BLINDNESS with which I meet daily in INDUSTRY 5.0 implementation projects in factories, businesses, organizations, so on the governmental level.


or maybe better expressed


But this can change fast especially if the “6R METHODOLOGY” is being applied. The RICE COOKER is a great example and I am sure it will probably become part of my LOGISTICS INNOVATIONS, SUSTAINABILITY, and INDUSTRY 5.0 RELATED webinars

Let us see how I follow the methodology

  1. I have RECOGNIZED the RICE COOKER has more to offer
  2. I have RECONSIDERED what can be done with an aluminum pot heated from a single point on the bottom
  3. I have REALIZED my first (non-rice) dish, PASTA CARBONARA

After I succeed, there is no need to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE

At this moment it may be interesting for you to see how the two polls mentioned above scored within 24 hours after the launch (both are set up as 7 days polls)

Despite the fact that both polls have been launched within a few minutes time, the number of views and voters differ significantly but show clearly that majority of the people use the rice cooker as a single-use item without consideration of its multifunctional usability.

I will make today the CHEESE MACARONI in it and will record the process and result in a short video again hoping that many will get the image and inspiration to recognize their own ON-THE-GROUND-MINE and TREASURE serving well the prevention of TIME and FOOD WASTE in their own life.

It seems like the secret life of the RICE COOKER is much richer than many expected so the silent helper can help us to understand words never spoken out

Have a nice day free of waste and waste in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN

P.S. here are the final results of both polls. Results clearly indicate that 54% of 46% of voters underestimate the functionality of the device they have at home. I hope this poll helps them to change and don't look at their kitchen-helper with the same eyes anymore.



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