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The topic of this article was delivered by a man who was born just two years after the introduction of the word ROBOT. Not all know that the meaning of this word was given by Czech writer and screenwriter Karel ČAPEK in 1921 in his screenplay named R.U.R

The man sitting next to me in this picture is Zdenek Lebr, my GrandDad, who was at the time of taking this picture 98,5 years young.

I would like to remind you that my GrandFather spent almost 75 years of his life teaching others to love education and especially languages and sport.

This is why he is the deepest well of wisdom I ever met.

We can talk and discuss any topic and all the time comparing the view of century with the view of half-century.

On July 29, 2021, during the TOKYO Olympic games, we have not only compared the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin and the disciplines so as the number of sports. but we touched the robotics in the discussion if in one of the next games ROBOTS and TECHNOLOGY will compete with humans.

He does not expect that and explains his thought with a very interesting explanation.


And he added


This statement struck me down and I told my GrandFather about my feeling. He smiled so as only he can, and said “But these are not my words, Karel Capek said that in R.U.R already”

My GrandFather was all his life straight man who did not bend his back in front of anyone in fear of consequences. Not the NAZIS, not the COMMUNISTS, not the RICH ones.

If he will be like many today he will say I AM GENIUS DELIVERING THIS THOUGHT BY MYSELF, he can be celebrated, he can become rich, like many.

I meet them daily on the construction road of the wasteless world and during the control of INDUSTRY 5.0 development.

The owners of universal robots, the members of forbes board, the visionaries of tedx, all just repeating words written and published by myself to be accessible for all to be the tool for all and on the construction of the WASTELESS WORLD.

More and more poblishers of scientific texts start to aim INDUSTRY 5.0 and call for papers. More and more universities implement the topic in education and organizations organize events to share the knowledge, but most does ignore the fact that INDUSTRY 5.0 is here since December 1, 2015, and its principles already since 2013 under the name of INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING.

I am not a scientist, I never studied university, I am not able to speak the lnguage of science, this is why I speak the language of human and do all to BE HUMAN at the same time, this is why none of my texts until now was accepted by the “publishers of science”

You may ask why I speak about this in a text dedicated to ROBOTS. The reason is simple. Many tasks realized before by human employee is done today by his or her robotic collegue, who receive instructions which are being followed. Everything what is different is sorted out on a pile of trash which is much higher that the file of approved papers.

The robot don´t care about the result, it just deliver the result

I would like to ask you to remember that before your next event organized by robotics evangelists and technology gurues who say ONLY IN ROBOTICS AND TECHNOLOGY IS THE FUTURE, WITHOUT DATA AND ELECTRICITY THERE IS NO FUTURE.

My name is Michael Rada, I am just a simple man with simple aim TO BUILD WASTELESS WORLD, you can join me, just one is needed




Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0