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Being daily on my electric unicycle I am going frequently to the companies of my clients to deliver the changes they asked for after learning what results have been delivered in other projects.

Eight years ago, in April 2013 I quit my last employment contract and I began my own, independent journey as an entrepreneur who started his new career from ZERO same as he did as an employee in 1990 in a position of a manual worker in a steel factory.

There was one difference

I set my aim and name it WASTELESS WORLD

No one tries before to prevent systematic waste happen, not in the scale of industries and factories, and organizations. No one trusted it can be done except for me.

The first who have to change from WASTEFUL to WASTELESS was me

No tools, No rules, No case studies, No one to ask

I build my tools, I define the rules, I realize and share the case studies later and I was the one who starts to answer questions before they have even be asked in a form of articles, speeches, workshops, videos. No one pays me to do so, No one asked me to do so, No one told me to share but for some reason inside of me I have the need and I feel it was right.

For a long time I was alone, but thanks to 23 years of business experience I know who and what I am facing, in which environment I would be stepping in. It helped me a lot and in one year I have to create my first and only company and name it IBCSD LAB Ltd.

As the years go by more and more projects have been realized, more and more tools created, information shared and volumes of products that did not become waste have grown. Delivering keynotes in schools, on universities, in companies and organizations helped me to change the mindset of many from wasteful to wasteless not with money or paid advertisement in media, but with being the one who acts as he says, having sometimes not enough to eat, but learning from that food should never be wasted same as water and air and HUMAN and nature and trees and


With COVID in early 2020, many started to realize that not money but the action of man can deliver the change. The RECONNET project was the first in pandemic times that start to wake up people and businesses

On August 21, 2020, the INDUSTRY 5.0 KEYNOTE speech delivered online on the largest industrial event of the year in India started the INDUSTRY 5.0 age in the second most populated country of the world, making Indian industries and businesses even stronger and more independent

This keynote was at the same time the first impulse and spark which helped me to understand that to deliver WASTELESS MINDSET globally I need support and I have started to build and test the relationship with the world first INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADOR Shiv Rao Challa, who started on October 14, 2020, to act as INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADOR.

Weekly talks, discussions, first projects, and more lead to setting up an image of the functionality and tools needed to build one by one the global network of people who recognized that change has to start inside their own mind, not inside their own bank account. Starting JANUARY 14th, 2021 second, third, fourth … ambassadors joined me adding HUMANS and people of the world and nations to the global network in which all follow one and only aim, TO BUILD WASTELESS WORLD

Today, April 2nd, 2021, the INDUSTRY 5.0 AMBASSADORS NETWORK have 40 members already, covering more than 50% of the global population

The network has not grown because of ambassadors being offered salaries, money, diplomas, and certificates. It grows because every single new ambassador feels the POWER OF WASTLESS MIND and its impact on the global so as the local scale.

In the past, many lost the ability to recognize the true value. The sight covered by money, fortune, fame, rank on the Forbes ladder, power, titles, number of followers. It is much easier in the age of digital living to lose sight because it is so easy to buy MORE

Despite the fact, you can not buy WASTELESS MINDSET every single day fifty to hundred new people join me on my way described in my diary

The WASTELESS MINDSET turns the invisible and unpronounceable into the force of change, same as nature we act naturally with logic, having our WILL and ENDURANCE, we see the changes after every single moment of our life.

Not the politicians, but HUMANS are the ones who start to lead the world

I am not just human, I AM HUMAN and I am proud of it

Feel free to join us


Michael Rada. HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0