Two days ago I published an article named THE POWER OF LIE, placing into the header the image of four. Today I place there in the image of 500+ who joined yesterday the first conference dedicated to INDUSTRY 5.0 which was organized in 2022 by India’s Best Private University* Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar-Delhi.

More than 500 students and professors came to listen to my words in a keynote dedicated to INDUSTRY 5.0 development and global impact

After the keynote was delivered more than 400 responded back, many becoming part of my network, others following me on LINKEDIN, and the next asking to share more with students and people not only in #INDIA but all over the globe.

The difference between the POWER OF TRUTH and POWER OF LIE can not be bigger and despite that LIERS are paid better for one reason. LIES deliver sweet dreams and the feeling all necessary was done and everything would be fine. LIES help the POWER to stay in power.

Before I started to write this article whose name resonated yesterday in my head I have checked THE WASTELESS WORLD STORY chapters names and found out that 15 articles have already been written and published by me using the word POWER in its name. The very first one was published on April 10, 2014, and it was the 24th article in the diary of INDUSTRY 5.0.

Reading it again I do remember this moment and I am happy I memorize it in a form of an article.

There is a simple way to recognize the TRUTH.

It expresses what was already done, own experience, not what has to be done, best by others.

I can not speak about others, but for me, sharing my experience is very powerful, I feel like a battery or TESLA COIL with one difference, I do not need an external source of energy, I am the source myself and instead of lighting my experience charge the audience and the difference is that I and the audience do not have to be in the same room.

NIKOLA TESLA never aim for money, he was not a member of the EXCLUSIVE SOCIETY of RICH and GIANTS. He delivers one result after another been copied and his inventions hidden under the carpets of the palaces and halls, being silenced. If living in the age of the internet many will be different. What would be the same is that he will not change his way


My name is Michael Rada, I do not aim and try to be NIKOLA TESLA, but I know that HE so as ME, we are HUMAN BEINGS and this connects us over the centuries with others who follow the same.

In my keynotes, I do share the results delivered already. All results can be touched, feel, and what is the most important test by the members of the audience. I am so happy that not a single person and member of the audience say that he or she have not understand my words. This is the next power, the POWER OF LANGUAGE OF EFFICIENCY.

This power helped me to receive within 12 hours the invitation to deliver INDUSTRY 5.0 KEYNOTES on 5 universities in 5 countries and this is one of them.

I have created and launched INDUSTRY 5.0 to help me to fulfil my aim to BUILD WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL and I am happy that I dont have to shame for a single step made, for a single fail that helps me to do better next time.



Today´s CORE TASK is to


I hope and believe you will succeed because your mindset changed already and this is why you open the same possibility to others. In UNITY and HARMONY of action, there is the power.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0