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The discussion between AI and DIGITAL experts and people who value the power of touch is becoming a frequent part of our life. It does so especially after COVID and PANDEMIC LOCK-DOWN because the AI and DIGITAL experts point out that without DIGITAL and DATA we will not be able to survive.

Is it so?

Did DIGITAL and AI really deliver solutions?

I just asked this question and consider what the process of PANDEMIC will look like without data, digital, AI, without INTERNET, and permanent data availability and exchange.

  1. Fear will not be omnipresent
  2. Solution and Cure would be the core of activity, not proclamations
  3. The Vaccines would not be launched in such a short time

Number One and Two are obvious because it is logical

Number Three is questionable because I do not know if in such a short time the development or just discovery took place. The reason for this question is more and more published articles and “news” that reveal that similar “illness” was on the planet already several times in history, the only that is different is the name.

Every time millions pay the price with the highest price, death.

The people spend more time in fear than in a search for the solution, reason, and application of the preventive steps.

We look on data, not on the reality

Many will probably ask why I place in the header image the image of a toilet, with digitally “remastered” flying toilet paper. Are you sure it is a fake?

What if not fake but the reality of one moment. The reality that I took in my mobile phone because it was so unique. I am not an astronaut to enjoy the weightlessness, but maybe it is not necessary to fly into space to feel how is it to fly?

Frequently just the wind needs to be strong enough to move up a man, car, roof, or even a house and relocate or damage it.

Billions are spent in consideration WHAT-IF. We build wind power stations and hope the wind will not be too strong. We build solar power stations and hope the heat will not be too strong and the same with water.

We need more and more electricity and instead of using the power of lighting and flesh, we use the lightning conductor to waste the energy provided for free and instead build power stations of all kinds to get back at least the fraction of all that we have already wasted.

It is interesting that despite the fact that the lightning conductors are on the majority of building worldwide, very few know that it was invented in the same country in which was invented the word ROBOT or INDUSTRY 5.0, in Czechia, Bohemia, the country with many names, but one location in the Heart of Europe. Read more if you wish

The inventor PROKOP DIVIS was born in 1698

And I am sure his invention was the same moment of enlightenment for him as to myself the invention of INDUSTRIAL UPCYCLING and INDUSTRY 5.0 and its tools.

What is interesting is that despite more than 300 years of the invention and introduction of lightning conductors no one came up with the idea to develop and introduce a device that will store the treasure, which energy is being considered to be at the moment.

Despite the fact that Wikipedia write about one attempt which failed, something told me that WIKIPEDIA so as GOOGLE are not the places where successful results of the technology would be presented same as the information about INDUSTRY 5.0.,called%20Alternate%20Energy%20Holdings%2C%20Inc.

I am aware of the fact that thunder and lighting can hardly be predicted, but I don´t think it is impossible with the use of AI and technology. But this does not change on the fact that they are delivering MOMENT OF POWER, power which can fuel and supply energy to entire cities and even countries, not for days, but months and maybe years.

Why not invest instead of nuclear energy into the collection and storage of the POWER OF MOMENT.

Just a few days ago I have connected my LINKEDIN network with SAM BRINTON, the advisor for NUCLEAR ENERGY of JOE BIDEN, the current US PRESIDENT.

If you look at Sam´s profile you will find out his aim is Solving the World’s #NuclearWaste Challenges and Protecting LGBTQ Youth from #ConversionTherapy

It is not just the thunder and lightning, but much more what is available to us and we just ignore its existence or its potential, but waste time and money on developing alternatives which until now never become even close to the original that is being copied.

Despite the calculation capacity of the supercomputers, we have not come up with a solution- Despite data collected for so many decades we are not predicting thunders and lighting. Maybe it is the issue the fact that the POWER OF MOMENT same as THE POWER OF TOUCH is more powerful than all the computers and money together.



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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