Michael Rada
4 min readJun 27, 2022

Everyone in his or her life meets PASSION. Frequently it is not just a single time. What changes with time in the form and sometimes it changes the rest of the life.

The true passion is not a just one nightstand, but the deep love

LOVE it SO DEEP that you can not imagine life without it

The lucky ones find someone to share the passion with and spend life together sharing it for decades like my Mum and my Dad, or my GrandDad and my GrandMum.

Unfortunately, the LOVE of someone is limited by the length of our life. When a decade ago left my GrandMum forever, was a deep hole in the life of my GrandDad and he start to project his passion into reading books and solving riddles like the one he received for his 99th Birthday. But despite this passion, he does not forget to talk to my GrandMum image which is part of the living room so as a bedroom.

PASSION has many forms and none is wrong as long as it does not hurt or damage anyone else.

There are many to whom WORK becomes the true PASSION and delivered results the shop window in which frequently everyone can enjoy the view and frequently can touch the result, thanks to the POWER OF TOUCH that becomes part of the DOER.

As mentioned before, the POWER OF TOUCH is so important in our lives and so underestimated.

Just yesterday HEINEKEN company offer first in METAVERSE its beer to the inhabitants

It shows all how nice and wonderful a cold drink can be but forgot to mention one, no matter how much money you spend on METAVERSE BEER, not a single drop quench your thirst

The reason is that the POWER OF TOUCH is just pretended in the virtual world. Virtual WARLORDS kill virtual ENEMIES, conquer virtual cities, kill for fun and do all that they will never be able to do in a real life. Standing tall while sitting in front of a computer screen, does not mean your muscles will gain volume, instead of energy, data flow.

For many, the PASSION is left with the age as the body gets weaker and arthritis turn step by step the fingers. The grip is lost which makes life hard. More than 360.000.000 people suffer worldwide by this, by the lost possibility to enjoy the POWER OF TOUCH again and I am so happy that I was able to support a project that may bring to so many the POWER OF TOUCH back to life.

NICK BORREGO lives in KNOXVILLE, USA and he is a young successful entrepreneur, who among other ideas invented a solution that can help all with ARTHRITIS in their hands to get their grip back with a help of a very special glove.

We met one day online to talk about his other projects related to the reduction of traffic waste in the cities and at the end of our talk, he mentioned the glove project. This mention helped me to remember the power of touch that I had and enjoy until now by putting on gloves produced by highly experienced and skilled gloves producers in #PAKISTAN. Because Nick has trouble finding an experienced gloves producer I connect him and Imran which proved shortly after the introduction why my own POWER OF TOUCH with his products was so strong.

The image showing NICK in front of the counter is the answer because the clinical tests have begun, and the times of global accessibility of the MetaFlex Therapy Glove are closer and closer every single day.

Please notice NICK´s left hand, you may see what I do, the sign that said


The next CORE TASK was already tested before, but it is time to feel it again


Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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