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In the life of a TIME TRAVELER, there are moments that I start to call crossroads. Visually they look like crossroads, but physically it is more like swimming in the river against the stream, a stream that with every stroke becomes stronger and tries to drag you down the stream.

These crossroads come every time when new months or years are close to stepping in and on some other special occasions that are hard to define by words.

The header image shows my family. From left to right is my Dad (80), Mum (72), GradDad (99), and me (50), together on the sofa 301 YEARS OF AGE

I love to talk and discuss with every family member, but most of the discussions I have with my GrandDad who is the most open of all with the richest experience and the ability to learn and talk because being a teacher all his life.

If you read my articles regularly and in the right order you know, I just crossed the next crossroad and I am swimming in calm water above the weir, and if I keep writing as I do in the last few days the stream and next crossroad is not so far away.

Tomorrow I will go to my parent's house again to help during the CHEMO treatment of my mum. I stay there usually for 3 days of the week every two weeks, cook, talk, and support my Dad and GrandDad so as to ride my mum and relief her from some of the work she is doing for others, same as he did for her entire life.

Next week will be special

My GrandDad will celebrate his 99th Birthday on March 10, 2022. He was born on March 10, 1923, just five years of the First World War.

He is a true time traveler, so as all of us

The reason why we don´t realize our time travels is that we are not observers, but actors and it is hard to switch roles. Maybe “hard” is not the right word. It is strange maybe, but not impossible.

When we talk about the time, my GrandDad remembers his parents, grandparents, friends, comrades, his wife, and son. All have one in common. All has gone already. My GrandMa left him a decade ago, and shortly after his son. The time is given to us, it is on us to utilize it wisely.

MONEY collection seems for many to be wise to live for, but in the end, only anonymous money will be left after you are gone.

WEALTH generation seems to be the next ultimate reason to live for, but in the end, we do not take with us more than our skin and body.

My GrandDad was never in his life rich. He was never wealthy. He was just HAPPY

Every student that met him took part of him in his heart because he share it on his hand as bread is being shared.

I am offering to him to take him with me into the future, but he says NO, for he wants to enjoy the sun today, so as the smile of his daughter, the new book he reads, new crossword he tries to solve. He does live now because tomorrow is far away.

It is interesting that he does not live in the past, as many seniors do, he just comes on a visit and leaves again.

I love my GrandDad and am honored and proud for every minute I can spend with him.

What is the CORE TASK today


The crossroads on the time travelers´ journey do not have any street lights installed and despite that or because of that many stand there and wait for a signal that does not come. The entire life.

Waiting for your future that will be delivered by others is WAITING FOR GODOT.

Waiting for someone to take your hand and take you over the stream or bussy road is the same.

It is only YOU, who can take the next step




Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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