Michael Rada
2 min readSep 16, 2020


We face them every day

Meet them in the streets.

Watch them on TV, follow them on SOCIAL MEDIA.

We listen to their voices during press conferences and we call them leaders.

am speaking about the Pretenders, not THE PRETENDERS.

From 1973 till today existing band play the same music delivering messages. It is their work, work the love and the result is one song after another.

Just the name reminds on this reality today

THE NEW PRETENDERS represent another league, league of justice, league of climate, league of Black, and league of young. So many leagues in one generation, in one age, in the age of global change, how the PRETENDERS like to call the days from Monday till Friday, if no holiday.


New Nobility

PRETENDERS PRETENDS, this is their occupation. It seems to be one of the most important job of 2020.

It is same as it was in

In 2020 pretending reach new level of exclusivity



Instead of results promises become the new value

The politicians pretends COVID-19 to show their unity with the population. Nobody cares if sick or not, the news say HE or SHE is positive, same like you can be, he or she is one of us.

Pretending future, PRETENDERS speaks about time in which their graves would be the only what will remember of their existence on a global lanfill that once was called Blue Marble.

PRETENDERS can be found everywhere it is just matter of time when pretending become true occupation and in the CV and in LINKEDIN profiles would new word added for every to see he or she is the best PRETENDER.

PRETENDERS does not build and create, except of illusion creation.

It is everyone decision if he or she prefers the illusion or reality



Michael Rada

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