Michael Rada
3 min readDec 9, 2020

This image I took after the next 14 hours of the working day on the construction site of the wasteless world. You can see the empty main railway station without passengers with two trains, one filled with new cars, second filled with “old” black coal.

Both loads have few common things

  • Cary nameless products
  • Produced by nameless creatures
  • Ends up on landfill

Since the introduction of mass production, products started to lose their relation to demand, they have lost their name and face.

In Japanese culture was the loss of face rated as one of the biggest fails and many prefer to end up their lives instead of living with such a shame.

What refers to a man, does not refer to a product

The product which is GIVEN A NAME, BRAND, FAME, MARKETING SUPPORT with one and only aim, to make it famous and to make many willing to possess one, the BEST and ONLY until the next release come with NEW BEST and NEW ONLY.

My wake up call came in 2010 and it took me three years to invent and deliver a solution that can eliminate the issue to happen. Firstly I have changed my own mind from WASTEFUL to WASTELESS to see that behind every new product, there are mountains of waste, larger than anyone can imagine.

Despite the brands and names, the products are nameless which nicely is nicely presented every year by APPLE and many others who switched names for numbers. Higher is Better.

All these resonate insight of my head when I took, riding my electric unicycle, my phone to take the picture that was placed in the header of this article.

There was one more reason.

The growing demand for INDUSTRY 5.0 information and meetings let me prepare the first new line of INDUSTRY 5.0 TALKS. Talks that will allow groups of up to 98 participants to learn and discuss Technologies, Applications, Case Studies, and all of that in a format of interactive discussion of many instead of the never-ending monologue of one.

Not me an the second speaker names are important, the names of the visitors must sound for every single one should be proud on his or her name and on the title HUMAN.

All of us, we have our names, they have been given by our parents and represent us same as our face. On everythink we made should be our signature and we should be able to name the product or solution we have developed. It should not be the patent office, but other signature that let everyone know, whi is the creator.

Let us stop the model where nameless people produce nameless products ending frequently as waste before its first use.

Let us deliver less, but with higher value and longevity

Let us deliver the future, instead of the past



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0