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On May 16, 1983, a man walked on the moon without leaving the Earth

On August 20, 2023, a man-made machine crashed into the moon's surface causing a heart attack in a few and wake-up in many.

Of all the objects in the universe, the MOON is the closest one and despite the plans to send people to MARS, we have not been able to visit the moon's surface more than a few times leaving human footprints just once and waste many more times.

The man who introduced MOONWALK on our own planet was MICHAEL JACKSON whom many call today an alien

He was a singer, a great singer, and a dancer and he had dark secrets

Today many call an alien ELON MUSK a man who for some time was the richest man on the planet.

He is the one who promised to send people to MARS but is not able to fulfill his promises to move them safely on a planet different than in a car.

MOONWALK consists of steps that instead of forward bring us back

Same as shipping billions of trash to the moon's surface or to the orbit that already now resembles a landfill with more than 170,000,000 pieces of SPACE DEBRIS, most of them shipped by few, who spoke about the future and progress causing the very opposite in global destruction.

Celebrating the jump of space flea

we forgot that fleas suck the blood of those who carry them around

Turning from predators into prey

from creators to copy-cats

from HUMANS to ID numbers

More and more frequently we are being incentivized for doing nothing, just putting our hands together in never-ending applause and when our hands are tired, machines will support us.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is being filled with lies and we call them facts that someone, somewhere has heard, or would like to hear.

Just a few days ago I was offered that my article INDUSTRY 5.0 FUTURE IN THE MIRROR would be translated by ChatGPT into academic language acceptable for academic and research publications. I agreed and the result surprised me, same as some of the mistakes the ChatGPT made, like changing the year of the publication of R.U.R from 1921 (the real year of premiere) to 1920. It is very strange that “robot” which ChatGPT is was re-dated in the work in which the term ROBOT was used for the first time in HUMAN history. But this is not the only interesting part, what about this one

It is not necessary to travel to MOON to invent MOONWALK, it needs just FANTASY and IMAGINATION and WILL and ENDURANCE

All that INDUSTRY 5.0 got into the cradle and utilized every single day


Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0