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4 min readNov 27, 2022

The closest sea is several hundred kilometers away from the place I live and work. I can not watch the tide, but I can watch the moon, sometimes.

Once, a long time ago, as the first MALE AU-PAIR from EAST EUROPE in the UK, after the interview for THE SUN, my lady asked me if I would like to go with her and two kids Briany and Danny for the Holiday to the sea. I was excited, not knowing that holiday means taking care, not of two, but four kids and not half, but full time. We went to BRIGHTON and one day I tested, being quite a good swimmer the power of the ebb. I win, but it was a long and exhausting battle.

Since that time I visited the sea several times in different corners of the world, but I took respect with me to every single destination.

The reason to remember this experience came to me today while looking at further news related to mass layoffs, crowned by the announcement by HP

While the ebb and flow of oceans and seas is dependent on the position of the moon, this has no effect on the ebb and flow of employees.

The influence came from NEED or STRUGGLE, connected to the financial situation of the employer. We can not say that similar did not happen in the past. It did, just it was not so visible and it become a habit, for example in agriculture, where farmers hire pickers to collect the fruits and vegetables when ripe, or the E-TRADERS who hire warehouse workers (Pickers) to cover the trade increase during CHRISTMAS season.

What is different is the “sea” this time it seems to be the new ocean, delivering damage to so many, that it causes a chain reaction. So many climate experts spoke about 1,5°C and the rise of the sea levels, but all overlook the fact that it will not be the sea, but the HUMAN OCEAN that will create tsunamis, swiping away all the “artificial” institutions created to create new institutions, laws, for new laws, power for new power.

The surfers say that even the biggest wave can be ridden and I think that the biggest tide can be utilized to deliver good, not speaking only about the tide and waves transferred into electricity.

The people living at the sea know the tact-time and set their life accordingly because the sea was their life, work, and sometimes even their destiny and death. Looking at the MOON they predict what happen next.

The WORKFORCE ocean seems to have no rules, but that's not true


All topics that can be easily eliminated and prevented to happen again except the last one


The WILL would change only if an unexpected force came and rollover and this is the tide I was speaking about. Half a million people lay off together with their family members, and friends, from half a million to millions and from millions to billions. This is the force that the lack of will would eliminate.

You can read about layoffs and the way to get back on the market, offering the next meaningless job, which will offer money for time, to all who like to sell the most valuable asset for a worthless set of zeroes and ones.

It is interesting that the biggest volume of advice on WHAT TO DO, came from people that have never been laid off, or those whose status and financial situation does not depends on the salary paid by the employee.

When laid off you lose the floor on which you stand for so long, you lose the groundstone on which your future was built, from one moment to another. So many jobs connected to the SWITCH held by someone else.

The tide connected to the mass layoffs can become a fruitful part of socio-industrial-economical development and not the burden and thread. Just the will to transparency is missing's%20parent%20company%2C%20is,amid%20the%20rough%20global%20conditions.

GOOGLE is a great example of the policy of ignorance, the same as social media players.


Because they can and made even the layoff to media money



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

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