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What is the difference between SOLDIER and MERCENARY?

Both are paid to kill

One call it protecting freedom

Second, doing his or her job

One gets a monthly salary after every month served in line with the pre-defined salary and evaluation system

The second is prepaid and bonuses are paid additionally after the job is done

The screenshot in the header shows up the reply from a mercenary, who, prepaid by the contractor defends his interests regardless of reality. Mercenary does not ask questions and does not follow manuals set by the contractor, the only one that counts is the result.

In the statement, three times the word “DEFINITION” is used revealing not only the reason for hiring mercenaries instead of using their own personnel as an army but revealing the ignorance of the mercenary for whom the professional blindness becomes a necessity and core business.

This is the only definition to which the contractor referred. In fact, it is the only existing definition of INDUSTRY 5.0, because since its publication nobody published another one.

Same as the CARBON EMISSION TRADING represents INDULGENCIES FUNDING represents frequently mercenary payroll. In the Czech language, we differentiate SALARY (PLAT) and PAYROLL FOR MERCENARIES (ŽOLD), so that everyone does understand the difference at the first sight. It is a pity that English, German, and many other languages do not offer the same.

Mercenary has no obligation towards the contractor. The contractor has no obligation towards the mercenary. The only that counts is the money paid. Contrary to their own soldiers, mercenaries do not enter the battle before being paid in advance. Confirmed funding represents advanced payment.

What is different from the true WAR INDUSTRY is the fact that politicians utilize the services of mercenaries again and again and again despite the lack of delivered results. In fact, it remains a lot of the relationship between the parasite and its host. If one survives, survive the second as well. The only difference is that if someone pays a mercenary more, he or she switches the sites. The political mercenaries usually change their names to join the other sites and everyone is fine meeting the same faces again just on the other site.

Same as the Giants, mercenaries are blind, but in contrary to the GIANTS, they are only professional blind and it is intended.

If not, they will slow down before entering a dead road, but instead of that, the speed is being increased in the hope of the never-ending power of the contractor and his monetary resources.

Both are wrong

I have been honored to deliver on Saturday, September 17, 2022, my keynote to the students of UNIVERSITAS PERTAMINA in INDONESIA. Together with the other two speakers, we have outlined our views on RENEWABLE ENERGY, GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT, and ENERGY SECTOR so as EDUCATION.

I do believe not a single participant left without the mindset changed

Understanding that the only one who can change their own future can be met in front of the mirror because all of us have the future in our hands.

Everyone in the audience has already higher education than I have achieved and despite that, it is me who stands on the stage of more than 250 universities and schools and delivers a keynote describing the work and aim of a simple man.

I was not alone and despite the fact we never met before our keynotes speeches resonate in harmony and understanding same as the discussion we have before the Q&A session

None of us spoke the words prepared by someone else. We did not follow the puppet master's instructions, because, in WASTELESS WORLD, which we are building through the delivery of our work, there are no puppets and no masters, just HUMANS

The same day as I delivered the INDUSTRY 5.0 keynote at this great event, GOOGLE delivered to me the information that MARIYA GABRIEL employee of the EUROPEAN COMMISSION make a teaser for the final announcement of the winner of the FIRST INDUSTRY 5.0 PRIZE

Prize in which the INDUSTRY 5.0 FOUNDER can not take part not being eligible. The eligibility criteria were successful funding from EUROPEAN COMMISSION, but not the EC, not EU, not UN, INVESTORS, VC, or even people in the entire time of developing and implementing INDUSTRY 5.0 contributed financially to my work.

The mercenaries have different faces, but one is the same, they are paid to deliver evil and lies, and this is what makes their life so sweet and easy because more and more lies are needed to cover one and only truth.



Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0