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5 min readDec 16, 2021

In my latest discussion with my Friends and Partners @DOUG Berger and @BILL McClain we dive again deeper into the universe of man (HUMAN) to find out the HUMANITY is lost.

You do not find it on WIKIPEDIA, You do not find it in OXFORD DICTIONARY and even GOOGLE despite Four Billion search results does not deliver the meaning of the term HUMANITY and just walk around.

The only what the English WIKIPEDIA offer is HUMANITY+, the promotion site of the non-profit organization

An organization that dives so deep into the topic that not a single contact possibility is left for HUMAN on the website, except for DONATION and PAID MEMBERSHIP for all TRANSHUMANS.

I have sent all board members and team members a message through LINKEDIN POST and invited them to learn about INDUSTRY 5.0 that was created by HUMAN for HUMANS and PLANET, and I hope the message will speak to them despite the fact it was not delivered by TRANSHUMAN which seems to have priority on the organization profile and website.

Unfortunately not a single come back to me yet

There are four types of waste recognized and prevented by INDUSTRY 5.0


All four together represent LIFE

I have spent most of my time in the last eight years with PHYSICAL and PROCESS WASTE because these two are not only understood well by the public and industries, and deliver what the industries are looking for REDUCTION OF COST and BIGGER PROFITABILITY, which is important for the support, but becaue of the will of the companies to pay for the delivered results.

The concentration of two of the four waste categories does not mean that INDUSTRY 5.0 will not work on the waste prevention in remaining two, not at all, just the time came a little bit later

It came at the end of 2021 after the UNITED NATIONS talked for the first time about INDUSTRY 5.0 on its own conference on October 19, 2021.

It came at the time when another INDUSTRY 5.0 POLL show up that only 11% of voters are not ready to support the FAST GLOBAL RECOVERY

The LINKEDIN POLL gives its creator the possibility to see who voted and despite knowing I will not reveal the names but share the jobs and functions — Owner of the cemetery, Manager of the biggest Tobacco company, Credit department manager of a bank, Political advisor and so I can continue.

All the rest is ready to support the change


The answer is HUMANITY

H U M A N I T Y is not lost, just hidden inside

We dig our humanity inside, cover it with branded fashion, lock it with expensive phone and watch, and keep it behind the doors of our offices. Maybe it is even stored in the bank vaults prepaid by indulgencies regularly paid to people we never meet for damage nobody see but everyone breath.

It is important to let HUMANITY free again before we recover

Let everyone define what HUMANITY means for him or her

  • Be a fellow human being at all costs, see other people as they are, accept and approve them without reservation. (Sølvi)
  • Humanity, I mean, means that you are willing to give and sacrifice of yourself without thereby benefiting from it yourself. (Svein)
  • HUMANITY is the harmony between HUMAN and NATURE, between individual and society. HUMANITY is limitless (Michael)

I never thought about HUMANITY or HUMAN before I start to do, what I do for the last eight years, but when I woke out and recognize the value of HUMAN and I pronounced for the first time the sentence “I AM HUMAN” in the front of audience, I feel goose bumbs on the skin of my hands and back.

This feeling come back every time I mention the same and instead of disappearing it is every time stronger and stronger.

It is great that more and more people around me learn the same and start to think about themself as HUMAN, because “ITY” will remain part of their life for ever.

Looking at OXFORD LANGUAGES dictionary we learn that “ITY” is

denoting an instance or degree of a quality or condition

Realizing that the term HUMANITY gets very different meaning

HUMANITY is the way to prove we are worth to be called HUMAN

During the composition of this article I have received information that the next podcast that hosted me was published. It is the first of two parts interview

I am speaking about my life, sharing the experience including the lost of my child memories after white hypnoses cure my speach disorder. We simply talk about the life not pretending to be shiny and perfect but to be as it was, LIFE.

I do not believe HUMANITY can be erased from HUMAN bodies, cut out like cancer, but it fact it needs to be found inside again, hidden behint materialistic approach that the society and industry follow.

THE HUNT FOR MORE COVER, the tiny spark that keep us who we are HUMAN.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and does not waste your HUMANITY

Michael Rada. HUMAN

P.S. after finishing this article I was delivered definnition of HUMANITY by MERRIAm-WEBSTER, here it is.



Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0