Looking at the garden in the house of my parents I recognize the ability to plan. Not for the next hour, not for the next day, month, or year. The planed for three decades without having any appropriate education, knowledge, skills, or tools. They just did because they feel it is right directly in their hearts.

Yesterday I spoke about ma GrandFather and let me come back to him today as well. One of the stories of his life was touching his Teacher and Sports careers. Being young, before WWII he plays a lot of sport, usually collective sports with his friends and other students, the did it in the free time and have been able to travel on their bikes up to 80 km to play and win one match and to travel the same way back and to go to the school next day. All free of charge, just because they love to sport.

With 97 still, he is in a good shape

He spent a lot of time with training, practice, and even becoming a trainer himself and later teacher not only for the sport but languages as well. Never in his entire life, he was doing the sport for money. Not the financial reward, but the passion was what directed him through his life. He met there his future wife, my GrandMother, and spends with her 67 years of his life in marriage until she dies. It is already nine years ago when she passed away and he never forgets to say good morning and good night to her picture on the wall.

He loves sport, but can only watch on screen and read about, he pointed out that one of the reasons for the sport to devaluate can be the fact that the sportsman does it for money, not for the love of the sport or discipline.

There is exemption but very few, for the money is what is being evaluated as a success, not the approach.

The reason for telling this story in the article related to planning is simple. Do you know how they get an invitation for a match?


And the same way they deliver the reply. All was planned not for days, but for months ahead to be workable.

Today we reduce our ability to plan more and more.

We talk about planning, but that's all we do. We talk, but for planning we let our calendars, smartwatches, and phones to do for us. We don't have to plan because someone will deliver a solution or product on-demand, within hours, it is just a matter of money, not planning.

Recently AMAZON gets in the US the approval to deliver packages using the drones and it can shorten the delivery time from hours to minutes, so why to plan, it would be enough we stretch our hand with a payment card and the wonder become reality.

No need to plan anymore

So we stopped

Because no planning, production volumes boosted up and with it, the volumes of products that not being sold or utilized, become waste even before serving for the first and only time.

We produce waste, but nobody was ready, to tell the truth until I cam and name it, show it, not to blame, but to deliver the solution and one of the great examples is being delivered by industries in China, but let me stop here, for I have planned to go to bed sooner today, so it is the right time to say good night and have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and please do not forget to plan if you don't want your business is full of waste.



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Michael Rada

I am HUMAN. This is the only title you can find after 30 years in business on my business card. Since 2013 I build wasteless world. I am founder of INDUSTRY 5.0