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This palm is NINETY-NINE years young. The pills few months old. I am sure not the pills, but the love of the daughter and the permanent will to live and not just to survive are the reason for the longevity of my GrandDad

This is him, Zdenek Lebr

He was TWENTY-EIGHT and 5 years of his life he spent in WORLD WAR TWO. When I show this image on LINKEDIN I ask the members to guess his age at the moment when the photograph was taken. 45–50 was the answer.

This made WAR from HUMAN

In the last few years, we lived with COVID, which adds wrinkles to the faces of children. After the “battle was almost over” #VLADIMIRPUTINWAR in UKRAINE started, killing innocent, shooting own soldiers in the back, for refusing to follow the orders and kill.

The RUSSIAN ARMY and MILITARY mark its equipment with the letter “Z” and many supporters all around the globe start to copy and stick “Z” on their cars, suitcases, equipment, and more. Being proud on own “Z” not knowing the real meaning.

Following the development, so as the ability to read between the lines, helped me to understand the true meaning of the words.

“Z” means “ZERO VALUE”


Zero Value is projected into action.

Five days ago I proposed a way how to deliver a message to the RUSSIAN troops in the WAR, using drones imaginary

Today one of the members of my network name it


He is right, we can use the technology not only to have fun, or kill, but to help to establish the FREEDOM as well.

On March 14, 2022. the following webinar should take place

I say should because I wrote these lines 4 days before the date.

Researchers should put light on the term so as explain its meaning and application.

There is just one issue, already the name is misleading and I do worry that the content would be the same. Despite that or because of that I have sent the speaker LINKEDIN INVITATION so shared one of my keynotes on INDUSTRY 5.0 delivered to an international audience.

In the morning I started the next INDUSTRY 5.0 AWARENESS POLLS, this time giving the voters the possibility to choose only from two answers. One hour later the following result was delivered.

more than 711 people viewed the poll since launch, but only 15 voted.

Every single awareness poll is launched for the same reason, to wake up the readers and let them think deeper than they are frequently doing. The questions are not complicated, the answers are given, it is just needed to select one.

Before I launched the above-mentioned poll I shared the screenshot of the text at the beginning of this article explaining the meaning of the letter “Z” in VLADIMIR PUTIN´S WAR. Many reflected and reshared, not a single negative comment.

It is interesting, but I do not remember any negative comments on my posts and I post a lot on LINKEDIN, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM. It seems like the users of social networks reflect my own approach, which does not consist of hate, rude words, and distress.

The Oracles predict the length of human life among others from the lines on the palm of the hand. I just wonder what they predict during or after WW II to my GrandDad who just celebrated his 99th birthday today (March 10, 2022), and what they will tell me looking at the palm of my own hand?

It may be true that on the palm of the hand is written the length of a journey. What I see there are the scarves left by life that was already lived. I see there years of helping others.

When I touch the hand in a handshake I feel the energy floating through the veins, I feel hundreds of tons of books read and on the fingertips are marked millions of pages turned

I never stretched my hand to receive, without giving first. Same my GrandDad, My Mum, My Dad, My Grand Mums.

Giving first is the rule that we have adopted in our lives.

The CORE TASK today is to GIVE.

I do not tell you what, whoe or where, I just ask you TO GIVE

Have a nice day free of waste and wasting in all its forms, stay safe and free

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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