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This sentence resonates in my head at the end of Jeff Bezos's “flight” to space. I am happy he and his 3 crew members are safely back. I am happy the main engine so as the capsule is reusable.

That's all

Having many workshops I never forget to say that behind every new product, there is an enormous volume of the waste left behind, and on the way. The space jump of Jeff Bezos is no exception.

Few days ago I watched fkight of Richard Branson´s space “plane”

Today Space jump

I am so sorry but the BLUE ORIGIN seems to be nothing more than showcase how deep you can fall.

Right now I do understand why AMAZON is a role model for many. The marketing behind the SPACE FLEA JUMP show up how everything can be sold. The value is in the story, not the result.

On April 12, 1961 YURI GAGARIN, first officially “recorded” man in Space spent in space 108 minutes and made more the one circle around the globe.

On May 6, 1961 spent ALAN SHEPARD 16 minutes on orbit

60 years later after many spend months on orbit, the entire world watch four tourists that sit in a capsule that is shot to the orbit to be back on surface in 10 minutes time.

Good marketing is everything


I do wonder who love Fleas except of those traveling around the globe with Flea Circus in the pocket to take admission from all who would like to see unthinkable

Having own hymn already

The space jumper does not need more than spend drop of his fortune to be glorified again.

What would be the reply of MacKenzie Scott? More millions spent on charities or first support of action that will PREVENT WASTE HAPPEN?

I just wonder if some real FLEA was invited to be rewarded for the inspiration

If this was the image of space tourism, I am happy that I never will be a space tourist. My reason for goint to space was to clean up the 170.000.000 pcs of the space debris smaller than 10 cm, so as 750.000 of the size 10–30 cm and 80.000 above 80 cm but for this the space tourists do not have time. Instead of that more waste would be left behind on the orbit lanfill that man have created in less than 80 years (first satelite was launched 1957)

I do not expect JEFF BEZOS to change his wasteful approach, but believe many others will understand that PLANET RECOVERY should be the first to follow for 7,8 Bilions to live better, before the next well paid jump to orbit.

Have a nice time free of waste and wasting in all its forms and stay safe

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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