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3 min readNov 5, 2021

According to the EN version of Wikipedia GREEN is a color and much more

In contrary to “deal” which seems to be nothing until you change the size the letters to “DEAL”

maybe would be better to ask GOOGLE instead

which delivers among others the description which most of us understand the meaning

Deal is an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context

If so I have to ask who is on the other side of the table?

To whom the deal is made?

During the currently running COP26, I watched carefully the WORLD LEADERS signing the NEW AGREEMENTS. Have you noticed that not a single one read what he or she signed?

It seems like nobody is interested in the content. Why?

  • Is the reason the lack of accountability?
  • Is it the reason the fact that the results are not measured?
  • Is the reason that those who sign, live already secured comfortable life?

It seems to me that “PROFESSIONAL BLINDNESS” is in-game or maybe better to call it the “BLINDNESS OF PERSONAL INTERESTS” which makes the GREEN DEAL content be understood very differently by the parties who sign and the parties who will carry on the impact.

Same as in the real business world the SELLER — BUYER relationship is everything different than a relationship. It looks more like a WAR CONFLICT where one party wants the very opposite than the other.

Frequently same words are used, with very different meaning

GREEN DEAL was introduced by ANGELA MERKEL, who after 16 years left her role in German politics before she will be offered some global role. She will receive basic rent of 15.000 EUR/month to cover her basic expenses and I am sure it will not be the only income in the life of the senior citizen.

Just wondering if she will be ever asked for accountability why DEAL and not HARMONY was pushed as the image of SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

Let me know if you have the answer

Michael Rada, HUMAN



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