Michael Rada
2 min readApr 20, 2020

One day after Easter Monday delivered the Czech government plan for society and industry stabilization. Instead of PLAN, helplessness dressed in a cover of vision.

After every step proposed, “MAYBE” follows

Speaking about 3 month time instead of days, the “plan” was delivered

The government representatives asking people to sign the Bianco check

The Finance minister who leans country even before the pandemic into the highest debt in history speaks cheering about tenfold amount in two years hiding her smile behind the face mask the same as the others.

Standing in front of the selected journalists it seems like the plan delivers the vision but in fact, listed shops opening and prolong the state of national emergency for an unlimited time.

With it, the well-paid positions of the speakers are secured.

I am aware that Czechia is not the only country that has government and officials struggling to deliver any reasonable emergency plan. From the very beginning delivered was the fear instead. Fear from uncertainty, Fear from existence, Fear from tomorrow, Fear from the neighbor.

It reminds me of something

It reminds me of the first 18 years of my own life

Of life, I lived in the same country, which carries in the name additionally the word SOCIALIST — CZECHOSLOVAK SOCIALIST REPUBLIC.

At that time

  • borders of my country have been closed
  • the country ruled just one party
  • the children reported parents for listening to a bad radio station

I spent in the time of fear eighteen years of my life and close to fifty I do not want to spend it there again. The majority of the governments and officials behave the same playing the role of GOOD GIANT kill with each footprint the dreams of hundreds.

The first way out of the system was the VELVET REVOLUTION lead by students, the first sign thirty years earlier young man, Jan Palach self-immolate at the age of 21, to protest against the freedom under the machine gun supervision.

There must be a way to refuse the Bianco checks to be accepted by billions “lead” by few who sell their own ignorance and inability to lead for the feeling of unity. It is important to remember, that one of the first steps of many was the shutdown of borders, cities, regions, not the help.

I would be happy if all understand we are not lead by politicians, but misleading is the true meaning of the work done in favor of few on the backs of others.

Share your opinion, Share your way, and let us become Independent Proud Human beings once again, creating the global environment based on trust not a lie.



Michael Rada

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